Oh, Canada


So I found an interesting article this morning. It would appear that in Canada, the idea of a gun used in a crime is treated the same as having a real gun.

So just threatening someone with harm even though you don’t really have the means to inflict said harm is enough to get you sent up the river. Or to the island. Or whatever the euphemism is for jail in Canada.

It makes sense.I think the thought here is that if you tell someone your gonna blow their head off during the commission of a crime even though you are not actually carrying a weapon it’s a form of assault.

On the other hand, it seems a bit like the thought police. You thought about a gun and threatened with a gun but weren’t in possession of the weapon. Ergo the weapon never existed at the time of the crime, so how can a person be convicted of using what they didn’t have?

Don’t know about this one.



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