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Run For Your Lives, It’s Gay!


So, a Rep has been tarred with the flaming brush. Actually, I would feel sorry for him if he hadn’t tried to hide behind the anti-gay rhetoric that the White House has been spewing for eight years.

What I find most interesting is not the situation which has become typique, no, it’s the way even ‘liberal’ media have been spinning it. He’s been ‘accused” of being gay, or there have been ‘allegations’ of gayness. They make it sound as though the great Gay blob has visited the Senate and the House and now all the politicians are running for their lives like some bad B movie.

Homosexuality is neither a disease one can catch or choice one can make. By using words like allegation and accused the media is perpetuating the deplorable idea that being gay is a criminal offence. That homosexuality is a social crime. It’s another way in which to demonize the gay community as some sort of fringe element. They are not on the fringe. They may be wearing it, but I’ve seen some very poor style choices on heterosexuals too. My point, asides aside, is that gay men and women live next door to straight men and women. They have jobs and lives just like every one else. Aside from their partner choices they are just like everyone else.They are not scary criminals. They are people. And the media should be ashamed of themselves for perpetuating such a bullshit idea.

As for Mr. Rep, well, one shouldn’t make assumptions while in a public bathroom. If anything, George Michaels should have taught us that.


Show Me The Money


A point was driven home to me as I listened to an interview on NPR this past week. It was a discussion on the increase of the wealthy. Essentially it talked about the need of the wealthy for services.

I thought about this. It seemed to say that the rise of what is in essence a servant class is a good thing. That because the wealthy can pay for servants, the poor should be the ones to provide them. That this would increase overall prosperity. So it would. But should it?

Over the last few years the middle class which has served as a buffer between exaggerated wealth and extreme poverty has declined. The debate over immigration has brought this point home as well. There were ads on both the T.V. and radio that I found highly objectionable. The gist was that employers needed cheap labor so the immigration bill should pass. The argument is that Americans are too lazy to do the menial jobs that illegals will do, cheaply. No, Americans want to maintain a standard of living that the media and corporations have told us we should aspire to but those same corporations don’t want to pay us what we think we are worth. If migrant work paid enough to maintain a bare minimum of living here in the US , people would do it.

As the money paradigm shifts toward two separate classes a caste system in slowly evolving. This system makes the minimum wage earners into an untouchable servant class. In order to meet the basic living often those earning minimum wage must have two jobs. Even with the tiny rise in the minimum wage a living wage is still out of reach. So, is the solution for the poor to become servants to the wealthy?

Let’s take Paris Hilton as an example of where this leads. Why did she behave the way she did? Because her whole life revolves around money and the privilege that is vested in that type of lifestyle. It makes people believe that they are above the law. The law is only there to keep the lower classes in check. It doesn’t apply to those with a great deal of disposable income. And too often this is true. Offenses that would send a poor person away for a long time earn the wealthy a slap on the wrist. (Unless you are a rapper, then, because it helps your record sales, you get the stiffest sentence available) And it’s not just that the wealthy can afford better lawyers. It is a mindset that says the wealthy are somehow better human beings, therefore, given a chance they wouldn’t repeat the offence. But that poor people are irredeemable animals who should be locked up forthwith. So, Wealthy equals good and poor equals bad. And we have all bought into this faulty logic. It’s part of-the reason that shows like Jerry Springer are so popular. Watching poor uneducated people beat the crap out of one another is amusing and proves that they really are nothing more than animals. Reinforcing the central idea that a poor person has nothing to offer society. Ergo recruiting them as servants is the only way to utilize their obviously limited talents.

It makes me mad. Really mad. It pushes the angry giantess into a seething giantess. Being poor is not some medical condition for-which only the wealthy have the cure. More often than not poverty is a byproduct of the actions of the wealthy. Shady business practices and an opportunist mentality keep large sections of societies at or just above poverty levels. Then to assume that because you have amassed a large bank account some how gives you the right to step on or order those who haven’t done so about is such shit I just can’t think.

Here’s something for people to think about. Not everyone who is poor is there by circumstance. Occasionally, you will find those who have steadfastly avoided paths that would have enriched them simply because they wanted to avoid the moral taint that comes with largess. Because they see the world and their life as something more than a place where success is measured in dollars and cents.

Success is something entirely different to those who are willing to see beyond the bottom line.


School Daze


I wanted to issue a blanket apology to all seven of you who come here on a regular basis looking for the mocking and satire.  My posts have been spotty because,well, it’s that time of year.

That’s right, they’re back! I am frantically getting ready for another round of angst and inattention. All of my time is spent looking for a good quality red marker. My motto is: If it doesn’t read, it must bleed.

So, as the days wear on, I hope to pick up the thread and pillory public figures for fun and amusement on a daily basis. Bear with me as we make this important change over from carefree summer days to slogging through papers that were obviously written ten minutes before class started.

Oh the Humanity!


Death Star Found ?


Death Star? No, Dead Star

It could be some sort of fake out. I say we keep an eye on it just to see if it acts weird. Like spitting laser beams, or suddenly traveling too fast.

By the way, Astronomers beat out the British for a dry sense of humor.


Big Brother Needs Cash


In yet another move designed to restrict the movements and activities of Americans as a protective measure, our benevolent Federal Government has declared that we all need to have FEDERAL ID’s, rather than the lame, inaccessible to the NSA State Id’s we have now. Get this, they’re called Real ID’s. As opposed to the fake one I’ve been using for more than twenty five years.

They say it’s to streamline identity recognition in such illegal activities as boarding a plane, or crossing a border or getting into a state park. I thought Smokey was guarding the parks? Anywho, the crux is not that they will be requiring these Id’s that fact is they expect the States to pay for them with little or no funding from the Fed.

I don’t know about you, but my State (no, not confusion) has no money. And no one needs to tell me this, I see it every day. You see, here in the Mich, it’s what we like to call Road Construction Season. This happens every year about May and usually ends around April of the following year. In a good season you can’t get anywhere, even the detours have detours. Every road to somewhere has bleeding eye orange cones and yellow clad workers merrily screwing up plans for thousands of motorists. And we like it that way. That’s how we know our economy is good: The complete inability to get from point A to point B. This year, I can get to work with only one detour. One. How pathetic is that? And there are none on the way home. Even worse. Yep, our state is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. Any day now, collapse, I tell ya.

So, the Fed wants the States to foot the bill for an enormous program that will basically enable the Fed to spy on everyone and keep track of them like runaway dogs. If they want to do this, then they should pay for it, not throw it on to State budgets that are already straining to cover basic costs. I suspect that the Fed doesn’t have the money either because they gave all our excesses largess to Bono as payment for endorsing the Faith Based Initiative.

Wouldn’t it be easier to tattoo us all with barcodes ? Or chip implants?

Or better still, shock collars. Anytime we try to go some where the Government doesn’t want us to be, the NSA can just hit a button and deliver a brief 220 volt warning.

That’ll teach us, that’ll teach us real good.


Random Poll II


It’s random poll day!

Alright the six of you listen up.

Why do you think it is that the same people who will complain to the manager of a grocery store about being cheated out of fifty cents when the cashier makes an honest mistake take absolutely no interest in where and how their tax dollars are being spent?



Getting A Leg Up


I wish I had concentration like this.

Honestly, how do you not notice a missing body part?