Columbia, We Have Rip Off


Well have I been absent or what? Geez. With so much going on I should be here everyday spilling my vitriol all over the net. Alas, those pesky students gave me the Bird Flu. I was flapping and squawking for days. The Horror, the Horror.

So Iran’s President Mohamoud Ahmamumblemumble at Columbia University. I don’t understand. They spy on their own citizens and tag everyone who has something naughty to say about Bush, but it’s okay for the head of a country once referred to as the Axis of Evil to talk to our impressionable young people? Mer?

I am all for free speech. Obviously. However this one just has me puzzled. Like when you try to read the clues to the New York Times Sunday Edition. You know it’s English, but it looks funny. I don’t think this is about free speech and if it is, it looks weird.

Why Colombia would issue such an invitation is beyond me. And they did it twice. The first time he turned them down. What does he have to say that Columbia deems so important? “Death to all Americans” which is what most of his speeches in his own country boil down to. I suspect they keep doing it to show Bush that they are on the edge of world politics. That they know whats going on. Or maybe just to piss him off. Who knows. I think it was a pretty silly thing to do. Allowing a man who engenders a continuous message of hate and repression to talk to students is well, let me put it this way: When was the last time Charles Manson was invited to speak at a university? Right.

Oh and did you know that Ireland has Ploughing Championships. Yeah me neither, but I think we should adopt that idea as soon as possible.

Dogwoman ( Flap, squawk)


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