When Bad Writers Go Glamour


I have a terrible confession to make.

I read a Glamour magazine.

It’s not my fault! My daughter’s subscription keeps coming to the ‘House and while I was waiting for a computer to take me off hold and give me to a real person, I peeked. I’ve never actually read one of these magazines before and all I can say is; What a glitzy waste of a tree. Most of the articles were trash. But none so poorly written and trashy as the one written by Jessica Coen.

You remember Jessica Coen don’t you ? She used to be one of Gawkers’ bashers. Now using her limited writing skills, she writes for upscale trash rather than online trash. Her article is called “Online Bullies Back Off” A two page doozy in which she spends one and a half pages whining about how poorly she was treated while she spread malicious gossip. Imagine how hurt and surprised she was.


What makes me emit a low, perhaps deadly, growl is that in said article she makes an allusion to Kathy Sierra. As though she and Kathy shared the same fate. Which, I suppose, they did. The difference being, Ms. Sierra is a dignified tech writer who primarily offers advice and information. Whilst Jesse just said whatever came into her bubble head without any regard for the consequences. Big difference. Little Coen can’t seriously see her self as someone who is maligned without any reason. But she does. Oh boo f’n hoo.You get what you pay for, sister.

Jessica Coen wants sympathy for BEING an online bully. And frankly I think we should give her sympathy. For being a crap writer. With skills that poor she should receive lots of advice and support from writing instructors around the world.



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