That’s Not Racism, It’s Just Stupid


So Bill O’Reilly is a twit. I’ve mentioned his ignorance factor before. It’s not his fault really he just says whatever comes into his empty head.

What surprises me is the amount of people who are defending him. Are you kidding me? This is what is known as the Dumbing Down of America. It postulates that community leaders can just say whatever they like and then let the media decided what was meant. The only person who needs to explain the ideas behind the comments is O’Reilly himself. And given the opportunity to do so, he made it worse not better.

I don’t think this is a racial matter so much as a generational one. Try as he might Billy boy seems to have a very hard time letting go of the fifties mentality. This is not the first time he’s said something off putting.What about his comment regarding those left behind in New Orleans after Katrina? Dost mine ears deceive me or did he insinuate that everyone still in the city were drug addicts? He does it repeatedly. There is no defense for continued ignorance. He could educate himself and get with the times but, no. That doesn’t make good T.V.

His comments about the patrons at Sylvia’s just underlines the fact that he hasn’t got an intelligent bone in his overfed body. It’s a restaurant. A public place where people go to eat and converse. What did he really expect? Honestly.

He doesn’t need to be defended. I think as a country we should all just stipulate that Bill O’Reilly is an old timey moron with no hope of joining in the culture of the twenty first century in his lifetime and leave it at that.

As freethinkers we are free to choose our entertainment. I choose not to watch O’Reilly rip people to shreds with half truths and outright lies or wake up from a thirty year racial coma. That’s his problem.



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