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Carl Levin Is A Turncoat


I am ashamed of the Michigan Senator and would like to issue a blanket apology to all Americans for him. Carl Levin broke ranks and voted with Republicans to fund the war in Iraq without a timetable for withdrawal.

Aside from the horror of watching my state fall further and further behind in just about every category, now I have to apologize to everyone for living in one of the states that just handed King Bush another blank check to do as he pleases.

These constant freebies that the Senate hands out to a man who has no concept of what being the Head of State really means is not only hard to watch, but excruciating when we are forced to participate by the traitorous actions of our elected Senators.There is no explanation available that could possibly excuse Levin’s defection. First chance given I will vote to oust him as he has clearly lost the vision and hardheaded determination he has shown in the past.

Levin should be deeply ashamed of himself.

Nevermind, we’ll be ashamed for him. That’s how it works. Senators can do as they please but it’s the people who bear the burden of responsibility. We’re the ones who pay for their actions.

And right now it’s the soldiers who are going to pay for it by continuation of the War in Iraq.

I cannot fully express in words how much sorrow and embarrassment Senator Carl Levin has caused with his recent vote. Let’s just imagine a rude hand gesture and leave it at that.


Three In One


I haven’t had time to post lately. I don’t have time now but what the hey. This being another busy morning and me being post poor, I’ll just run over a few news topics that have rankled my inner cranky,cane shaking, old person.

Huckabee. What I hate most about falsely religious right wing people is that the first people they blame are gay people when anything goes wrong. Considering Huckabee’s close relationship with a man who preaches that Jesus was wealthy and wants everyone in his flock to have a vacation home, perhaps he should look in the mirror for the culprit he is searching for. Twit.

Telecom immunity from prosecution for releasing the private information of customers to the government without a warrant. I Don’t Think So. They should have to suffer the indignity of having their information made public too.

But the best are the two top news stories I just read over at Google.The first one is about how the US gave intelligence to the Turkish government just before they bombed the Kurds in Iraq. The second article states that Rice see progress in Iraq. Yeah, especially with the Kurds out of the way.

I’ve said it before but let me refresh: Just because you say something is true, that doesn’t make it true. Most of the time it’s just a lie wearing hope. Gay people are not the root of all evil or any evil for that matter. If a company violates the law they should have to suffer the consequences and one cannot protect a country by helping another government bomb the citizens of that country. That’s not progress, its criminal activity.

Have a nice day.


Lazy Thieves


I read this over at

TOPEKA, Kan. — Maybe it was the bad weather that kept a gunman from getting out of a car to stage a robbery in Topeka.

Police said a woman was walking through the parking lot of a motel Tuesday night when a red two-door car pulled up next to her. Officers said a man in his mid-20s waved a pistol at her from inside the car and demanded money, without getting out of the car. The thieves got all of $4 and sped away. They remain at large.”

This is why it’s better to be President. That way you can rob millions of poor children of their right to comprehensive health care with out ever shifting your bottom out of your chair.

$4 indeed. Dude, you’re just not thinking globally enough.


Wordy Goodness


I am not always about the rants. Sometimes I find something good on the internet. Like today, I found a site everyone should visit.

It’s called Free Rice. It’s a vocabulary word builder that donates 20 grains of rice to the U.N. for distribution in starving nations for every word you correctly identify. So that’s cool. You have fun and the world gets a little brighter. Find the link below and get playing.



Top Tubes


So, have you ever been tooling around the net only to find something so horrifying you must stop and examine it from all angles? Today I found just the thing. It’s called, and please I am not making this up, GodTube.

That’s right folks, now for all of you who feel there aren’t enough religion inspired videos on YouTube, there’s finally a place for you. I was particularly entranced with their tagline “Broadcast Him”. Note the capital H. Otherwise, it could be ‘him’ anybody. With the capital it let’s the world know it’s the BIG HIM, not just anyone. And does HIM want to be broadcast? That’s something we’ll have to wait to find out.

The video’s include, sermons, Christian music videos, and a Fox News interview. ‘Cause when I think HIM, I think Fox news. No, really, everyone knows that all of their information comes, not from journalistic integrity, but from on High. By which I mean the White House press secretaries.

This is what their CEO had to say about why they started GodTube:

“Most Christians want to reach un-churched people,” Smith said, “but you have to be really smart about where you reach un-churched people at.”

Un-churched? He makes it sound like if you don’t go to church you have a disease. “Don’t go near them Susie, they’re Unchurched .” At which point the wailing begins and Christians flee to begin preparing for Armageddon. Unchurched, I’ll just put that on my list of words that need never be used again, like the word scrummy.

I am amused when things like this pop up. Christian Fundamentalists harp on and on about secular society and it’s evil ways but they seem to have no problem taking the most popular things from that society and giving them a religious bent. They think they are creating something new but in fact, they are not. The Fundamentalists haven’t had anything new in sometime. Like country music, they just steal a good idea and put their own twist on it. I thought stealing was against the Law?

I should mention at this point that, apparently, there is a JewTube and an IslamicTube as well. As of yet we have not seen a BuddistTube or a JainistTube but, we’re waiting.

I was going to create my own site called ApathyTube but, really, I couldn’t be arsed.


Hail ToThe Magisterium


Dear Nutjob Bill Donohue,

As the child of a woman who keeps a crystal rosary in her purse with water from Lourdes attached to it, I ‘d like to take this opportunity to thank you for encouraging your mindless cult following readers to see The Golden Compass. Nothing gets people out faster than banging on your bible and screaming “Boycott” in a crowded web page. Of course, they’ll want to read the books as well so, I am sure Phil Pullman thanks you too.

Might I suggest that you read “How To Read Literature Like a Professor” before you start setting books on fire in the town square? You see, it might help you fully understand the nature of symbolism in the books that you comment on. Clearly, you have fastened on to a simplistic answer to a rather knotty question and well, forests and trees, what can I say. Also, I always find it amusing when people who spend a majority of their time crying about being discriminated against,as you do on your website, take every opportunity to do the same thing to others. Where was your public outcry when The Chronicles of Narnia came out? Riiiight.

I also humbly suggest that you stop giving interviews. You sound crazier in person than you do on your page. Kind of like that universal schizophrenic who stands next to people and mumbles in public libraries. And people, namely me, are laughing at you. I suspect that is not the reaction you were going for.

Oh yeah, before I forget, the reason HIV infections in New York have gone up despite the widespread distribution of condoms is not, as you state on your page, because people aren’t using them. It has to do with other forms of transmission of the disease, like oh, I don’t know, sharing infected needles. There is no ‘condom hoax’ you twit.

with love this holiday season,

UPDATE: I had a friend say to me “Who’s Bill Donohue?” So FYI, Mr.Bill runs the web page for The Catholic League. And no, I will not post a link as I don’t want my blog linked to such a place. I have standards.

Spanking The Wolverine


The Democratic National Party has decided to punish Michigan for holding early primaries.They have announced that the Michigan delegates to the party, all 156 of them , will not be invited to the convention.

I am thinking that this is a very dangerous move on the part of the DNC. Michigan is a state of poor, agitated people who like to fight. And drink whenever possible. Drinking and fighting, that’s us. Like a little oasis of Ireland right in the middle of the US. So deciding to give us a spank right before the primary is maybe not such a good idea.

For the most part Michigan is a blue state. We have Ann Arbor, a little mid-western Berkley, if you will. Lansing sings Republican but acts like a Democrat every chance it gets. However, we also have Detroit and the U.P. Every one of the northbound Yoopers is Republican. It’s very Old School once you pay the toll and motor into St. Ignace. They are the last of a dying breed of hard line Republicans who wish the government would curl up and die like an ant under a magnifying glass. Detroit, or at least the suburbs of Detroit, is full of people who have scammed their way to the top and have no problem letting the rest of the state slip into a sinkhole as long as it doesn’t effect their profits in any way.

That said, it really won’t take much to change the color of our state from true blue, to stop red. Pushing us in one direction may cause a backlash the DNC is unprepared for. The candidates who have refused to put their their names on the ballots will also feel the heat. This includes Obama and Edwards. They may be following their party’s rules but they will also be alienating voters.

They may think that it doesn’t matter, and for the primaries Michigan may not be a big contender like New Hampshire. However, after the Primaries comes the Election. If a candidate has alienated the Michigan voters, they just might be surprised to watch the state come up Red and their name fall to the bottom of the list.

We might have the reputation as a bunch of backwoods hunters with no finesse and a crap football team, but we also have long memories and the ability to hold a grudge like no other state. We live for spite. Spite is what keeps us warm in the winter when our heat has been shut off  due to our inability to pay the bill because the Auto plant we worked at for twenty years laid us off and revoked our pension.

So while the DNC might be blindly following the rules, they could have a big problem come election time.