Oh, You!


Obama had an interview on Fox.

Let the howling begin. Apparently, liberal bloggers are upset. They think he should ban Fox news and their unholy pack of ‘journalists’.

I’m a liberal blogger and I’m not upset. Well, I’m upset that most people think Fox is a ‘news’ outlet rather than the propaganda fear machine it is. But Obama had to do the interview because Rev. Wright won’t shut up.

In order to undo the damage the Rev keeps inflicting on his campaign Obama has to seem like a middle of the road, average joe willing to sit down with the bad guys and look calm and collected. Which, he did. Mission accomplished.

I still don’t like  him, though.

He’s acquiring quite an oily sheen, actually.

Rub up against enough lobbyists, campaign managers, and Rock The Vote aficionados and that could happen to you, too.

I wonder how many Nature Conservancy volunteers it will take to get him clean and ready to fly again?


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