How Rude-a Barracuda


The GOP has received a cease and desist letter. No not from the American people, though I think that will come, in time. They received it from Heart.  You know Heart, the seventies girl band that kicked some serious musical ass back in the day ?

It seems those arrogant crafty McCain staffers were using Barracuda as their Palin introductory song. Which would have been fine had they gotten permission to do so first. They didn’t and band members are outraged, outraged I say, at the blatant misuse of their song.

I agree completely. Of course, why would Republicans want to refer to their own candidate as a ‘Barracuda” ? A barracuda is not a nice cuddly animal. Nor is it a nice thing to call a woman. Fantastic 80’s bar fights have been fought over the use of that tag. Also does anyone remember the actual lyrics?  Aside from a few moments of clarity, it’s really confusing, although fun to sing along to. I always get lost when the porpoise comes in at the second stanza.

Is the GOP trying to say that Palin is a vicious confusing animal? That doesn’t seem like the right message to be sending at this point in time. Although with all the gossip running about the Net, it might be more apt then the Republicans realize.

Anyway, they can’t use it any more. So I think we the people should help choose a new song for Palin. Post your choice in the comments. I’ll send them along to McCain’s website.


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  1. Just in case youo didn’t know it…Barracuda was Palin’s nickname as a High School Basketball Player. Simple as that. Don’t read more into why they used it then that.

    As for Heart, well, it never entered my mind that that song (a favorite of mine in college by the way) they supported the Republican ticket simply because their song was played. Their anger at Republicans listening to their song withou permission is simply a sign of the division in this country…..

  2. Actually, the RNC has revived that old song and Heart is making a tidy profit off of it.

    If you dont think Barracuda is an appropriate song for a woman, well Heart is the Barracuda in this story.

  3. The trademark infringement issues (implied endorsement) strike me as more worrisome for McCain and Palin than the copyright issues (violation of distribution and broadcast rights).

    See: McCain Doesn’t Rock.

    It is stunning to think that the McCain–Palin campaign would continue to stoop to music piracy, particularly after the repeated embarrassments. Then again, this is the same campaign that comes up with each new theme and slogan by simply stealing them from its adversary. Senator Obama seems to trust the voting public to be able to discern the dishonesty of Senator McCain’s mimicry. The recording artists are putting their faith in the courts.

  4. Posted by dogwoman on Sunday September 7 2008 at 5:12 pm

    Musicians and other artists have every right to protect their their product. Heart is not a barracuda.They are well within their rights to demand that the GOP cease and desist. All the campaign managers had to do was ask formally. Which they did not do. Apparently, they are above such petty things as saying please.Also, in reference to the link, Mellencamp, Browne and Van Halen? Why doesn’t McCain find Republican musicians to steal from? It’s a sad thing to find that no artist wants in any way to be associated with McCain.

    And I don’t care if that was her nick name in high school, it’s still not a brush I’d like to be tarred with. Besides,high school nick name for a Presidential race? Lame.

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