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If You Need Reminding….


This is because some people have to be told not to do this. We call them “Special Needs”. And not in the good, “we will help you and get you the services you need”  way. No, this is for those who are the most special. It’s nicer than calling them other things like idiot, moron, Rush, Bill…


Throw Another One On the Fire


I have to tell you, being away from the net and all of it’s juicy and sometimes jaw dropping  information has been hard.  I feel out of the loop. As though I am still changing a tire on the side of the  information Super-highway.

Though, I didn’t expect to come back when all of the most off center celebrities were dropping dead.

I take comfort in the fact that these ones aren’t the BIG celebrities. Except maybe Michael Jackson. (whose name TMZ can’t seem to spell correctly. Why is that TMZ,why is that?)

Here I would post a tear jerking send off  for the man but let’s face it I don’t have anything.

I can say that the boy who claimed MJ molested him and then waited for him to die to recant is pretty disgusting. For two reasons. One, if he did lie he should have said so during the man’s lifetime, not after it when it does MJ no good. Two, it’s a typical thing that if you live differently you are a target. Period.  The Michael (see, TMZ, the a comes before the e, not the other way around.) had issues. Deep issues of a “lost childhood” nature. However, it just made him a bulls-eye for people willing to sell their souls for money. The very thing we hate here in the ‘House. So from that aspect, I feel very bad for the completely fucked up life Michael (spell-check, TMZ, always a last resort) lived.

Having said that , is anyone surprised the Billy Mays had a body full of cholesterol and advanced heart disease? Clearly, a type A personality. Maybe he could have used an Oxy-cleaning.

Yeah, that was bad, sorry.


Who Knew


Turns out Paul Wolfowitz is in fact the most heinous man alive.



No More Jobs?


Of all things the news spews I think the most underrated are the stories about Steve Jobs health.

Though I consider him just one step away from being the Anti-Christ, he is still human. However, he is a human who has lied through his teeth to shareholders. First it was ” No, no, I’m fine.”  Then it was “Oh well. I am on a special diet.”  Then, of course, “Oh I might have had a touch of the Cancer but I’m good now.”

Now he’s had his liver transplant which is probably an extension of the pancreatic cancer he never told anyone about.

Well bully for you, Stevie.

Why shareholders aren’t more ticked is beyond me. The entire company rests on the charisma of the grand poohbah of technology and he hasn’t the cajones to just tell the frickin’ truth. Sure he’ll mass market a ‘business plan’  that smacks of profiteering but he won’t tell the truth to the people who probably should know he’s going to drop any minute.

And he could. Pancreatic cancer is  one of  the most devastating and aggressive cancers. I watched a friend go from diagnosis to death in three weeks. It doesn’t just go “Oh you’re Steve Jobs? Sorry man, I’ll go now” It’s a hanger arounder. A, slip into your other organs and have a party, kind of cancer. It likes to travel. A lot. So give it a few months I’m sure we’ll hear about a new ‘special diet’ Jobs is on. Right before they take him in for another transplant.



Tweet Tweet, Iran Here PT 2


Hey American news outlets, hows about we don’t waste our precious media coverage discussing CNN’s lack of coverage, hmmm.

I’m just spitballing here but there may be something just a wee bit more important than CNN at the moment. Once things have been decided in Iran then you can point and laugh, ‘k?

Oh and I have no idea why any of you are getting shots in when TWITTER of all things is doing a better job than you are.

Oh and  BBC Persia, which was shutdown, has more coverage than any of you.

Face it you are all getting a public coverage spanking. By Twitter (hahaha) and the BBC (ahahahahahahahaha)



Tweet ,Tweet, Iran Here


Up until this moment in time I concidered Twitter the most useless program ever invented. I just couldn’t careless about how many friends Ashton Kucher has.

Now, maybe Twitter has in fact proved itself useful. Iranians, unable to get information on the protest out of the country because the Iranian government has jammed resources, are now using the program to send information on the progress of the protests to the outside world.


BBC Twitter has issued a call to anyone who can get to them to use the site to let everyone know what is going on. They have been including satellite updates as well.





Because I like to read and hear what people have to say, including people I think are nuts and need 24 hour care, like, oh, I don’t know, ..Rush Limbaugh, I go to their websites. It’s always an eye opener. It makes me wonder why we tolerate these hate mongers. If you were to believe everything on Limbaugh’s site, it would seem Barak Obama is the cause of every problem the United States is currently facing. And apparently , if you believe this guy, Obama is single handedly destroying the American Middle Class.

Sorry Rushie McRushenstein, that was accomplished by Bush and Cheney.

I understand restoring civil rights and attempting to try to keep Campaign promises  can be very scary to people like yourself  for whom that which is different is an aberration rather than a celebration but,


Take for instance the post from yesterday, which was about Sarah Palin trying to keep the limelight by using her own daughter and arbitrary comments made by David Letterman as a vehicle. Rushie the Deaf by Opiates McTruth Twister somehow tried to twist this into somehow being Obama’s fault. Because Comedians only go after Republicans. Never Democrats. Certainly never Chelsea Clinton. No, noooo, no way. In much the same way Palin’s daughter’s lauded pregnancy suddenly became ‘statutory rape’ when it was convenient.

Rush Limbaugh is anything but the voice of reason. He’s just another hate pusher. He’s an emotional drug dealer for those who are afraid of anything different than that which they deal with on a daily basis. I’ve noticed he’s not pushing that War on Drugs anymore.  Oh right, we’re supposed to feel bad for him for being the best and brightest hypocrite of all time.  Like Martha Stewart. Why are those two not married?  And while I contend that we all have a bit o’ the hypocrite inside of us, I refuse to exonerate a guy who spews forth some of  the craziest ideas I’ve ever heard in an effort to smear people who are at least doing something to fix the mess Bush left behind.

All Rush is doing is sitting on his enourmous ass and whining.

Even I can do that.

In fact I’m doing it right now while playing a game and listening to Radiohead.

See, it’s not that hard.