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Bend Over, Beck, UPS Has A Delivery For You


I just can’t help it. I am jumping  into the pool.

Glenn Beck.

UPS has pulled their advertising ‘temporarily. And rightly so.

Beck is another one who speaks out his ass while trying desperately trying to make sense. In one of his videos he  says something like “President Obama said he was going to change America and..he did” Like it was like a bad thing. Wouldn’t that make Obama the first President in many years who tried to do exactly what he said he was going to do? How is that a bad thing ? What does it say that about American politics when commentators like Beck are surprised when a political figure does exactly what he says he’s going to do. I am guessing they thought that it was going to be business as usual up on capital hill and are now freaking out.

Among all of his other false allegations, Beck takes exception to Obama’s community service program for high school students. Why?

Community service has more gains associated with it than losses. Students should be encouraged to work within their own communities. Oh, it’s a communist thing. Okay Glenn, just because it has the word community in it doesn’t mean it’s communist.

What I think the Republicans are objecting to, and I lump ‘social commentators’ like Glenn Beck together here, has little or nothing to do with actual Presidential policies. It has to do with the power being taken from them because they could not stop them selves from raping and pillaging America while they were in power. Now along comes a man who is trying to straighten out the mess and bam “He’s racist” “He hates white people.” “He’s gonna put your kids in concentration camps and force them to help people” “He’s got Death Panels ”  Unlike Bush who just chucked people into prison and ignored any wrongdoing by the overseers. Bush, a man who encouraged water-boarding and other forms of torture because “it was good for America”. Do we really want that sort of thinking back in power?

At the end of his presidency Bush’s approval rating was 26 percent. That means that 74 percent of the people in this country did NOT approve of his policies. One has to assume that some of those people were Republicans who helped draft those policies. In fact, do I not remember Republicans fleeing from George as though he were carrying a social disease? Was he not asked by Republican leaders to not attend their Convention because it might cast a negative light on Mc Cain’s campaign?

But it’s Obama who’s the bad guy. He’s the one whose going to kill your parents and force your kids to do something besides play video games.

Glenn Beck and others like him are attempting to capitalize on fear. They like it when people fearfully agree with them because it gives them a small measure of power. But as dictators around the world have discovered, rule by fear has a short shelf  life. At some point people refuse to be spoon fed garbage. UPS boycotting, not only Beck’s show, but the FOX network, is a signal that the time has come to stop wrangling over foolish claims and start doing something that might be productive.

To add your voice and ask that UPS make the boycott permanent send an email to

Today Beck, tomorrow O’Reilly? One can only hope.


Naughty Kings


Okay this is just a thought, a mental belch if you will.

I’ve noticed something.

If you are famous and  having some kind of illicit affair you can neither acknowledge or deny to the press, you have another option.

Go to a Kings of Leon concert.

This is apparently the proper venue for airing your dirty laundry or, not airing it. You and the object of your affection just go and wait for someone to notice. And to post pictures on the Web.  Simple really.

First, it was the tween idols Rob Pattinson and Kristin Stewart.

Now, LeeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian.

If I were a member of the band I would worry about this disturbing trend. Who will show up next?  John Edwards and Reille Hunte?

I’m just sayin’


Insert Snarky Title About Bill O’Reilly Here


I don’t actually watch T.V. I don’t have to. If there is something I want to see, I can find it on the Web.

There has begun what I like to call a “video off” going on between John Stewart and Bill O’Reilly. To be fair, it’s mostly O’Reilly trying to start something.

It began when Stewart intimated that Fox News, using their own critieria, is now Liberal. Well, Bill just couldn’t let that one slide. He attempts to maintain that the video clips that Stewart uses are taken out of context. He does a poor job at best. In attempting to explain how off the mark Stewart is O’Reilly actually makes Stewart’s case for him.

But don’t take my word for it.

Here is Stewart.

And here is O’Reilly trying to shoot back with a water gun.

Those crazy liberal Republicans. They’re all loons.


It’s Like A Virus


I am thinking  that This might be why Republicans should not be allowed to speak.


Really ‘Pubs? Government should stay out of Medicare? Well, I think you should stay out of politics if you can’t figure out why that statement is asinine.


San Francisco Does it With Sugar


I want to go here.  I think they should just leave it up and make it a tourist attraction. I would totally play life-sized Candy Land. I once played life sized chess and it was a blast.  Okay some times I play a life-sized guitar and that’s fun too. It would be better if the music that came out of the guitar didn’t sound fun-sized but what can you do?


Don’t, Stop.


There is cycle to our world. The very nature ‘o time indicates that things that have passed will return. And nowhere is this theory more tested than in the celebrity world.

That’s right it’s the return of sex tapes.

In the past month at least three so-called celebrity types have been plagued by the release of  their sex tapes. ‘Member when Rob was brought Lowe by his indiscretion? Well. Apparently it’s now all the rage. If you want people to think you could be someone, get busy on Youtube.

Let us ask ourselves, do we really want to see what people might get up to? I for one  would like to be spared.

Most of them are very low quality, not even amateur porn quality. As though some sweaty guy was hiding in the closet with a flip phone. No one wants that. If you, as a potential A-lister, want exposure, do it right, hire a crew. A good crew. Next get in some make up artists. Honestly, we only love you when you look perfect so yeah, do something about the mismanaged hair and sweat. And maybe a set designer. We don’t really want to see the messy crumpled bed you actually use on a nightly basis. No, we’d like to see some fantastic feathery concoction, so a set designer would be good. And of course to make it all work you’re going to need a good cinematographer and a decent director.

Oh and don’t sleep with your actual girlfriend/boyfriend. Hire someone people want to see buck naked.

If you’re not going to go through the planning and expense of creating a decent sex tape that could have the potential of winning an Oscar,then just don’t.

We, the unsuspecting public, enjoy the fantasy world and you people with your grainy badly dubbed tapes, are killing it.


Who Dini?


Let me be brief.

I am starting to think that people live the illusion they like best.

It’s the only thing that explains:

1) Irrational responses to rational debate.

As in the Health Care debate. Each side is right and the Brits have Twitter to prove that the NHS (which is always being bashed in their newspapers) is great. Nowhere is anyone actually talking about the realities. There are assumptions, accusations, misleading information and half truths. I have yet to see any ‘debate’ that doesn’t devolve into a pissing match. Instead there are guns, fights and defamatory remarks. Way to go America!

2) Irrational actions based on false assumptions.

As in the Health Care debate. See # 1

3) Katie Price

So confusing. and well, yuck.

So hold onto the illusion you prefer and just ignore anything that might contradict you. Because really that’s the only way to get to the end of your life without having lived. Good Luck!


Twitter Love


Brits are up in arms over the Republican comments about their NHS. They are tweeting like mad in defense of it. There are many vocal critics of the British system so I was wondering:

Are they tweeting out of true love or because they feel attacked?

You tell me


A Moment of Silence


Les Paul died today.

I’ll leave it to the seasoned music reporters to extol his many musical virtues.

Let me say

It’s a sad time. I know he was 94 but without his genius Rock and Roll wouldn’t be anything like it is now. By changing the humbucker configuration on the electric guitar he opened up a whole new area of sound. How much music would never have existed without his rack system? I could go on and on.  Countless musicians are indebted to the experiments and achievements of this amazing man. Including the ones who are in their garages right now.

Rest in Peace, Les Paul. And thanks for the music


Anyone But That Guy


So I noticed something about the blog as I was reading through the archives. I seem to have done a one eighty on Obama. Puzzled, I decided to take it up with my  unconscious self.

“Self” I said hesitantly “What’s up with that ?”

Self replies with irritation, face immersed in a coffee cup, ” Wha-?”

“That” I repeat pointing at an old post that invites Obama into the Hiawatha Forest to play hide and seek at midnight.

“What are you on about?” Self growls, plucking its face from the coffee cup. Clearly, it hasn’t been paying any amount of attention. Now that’s just annoying. You’d think that ones unconscious self would pay some sort of attention to what is going on in the outside world. Even if it is just so it can clobber you with it during REM sleep.

“This turn about on Obama? “I say pointing to recent blog posts “What gives? I thought we hated him?”

“Hate is an elusive theory.” Self replies, reaching for it’s cigarettes. I don”t smoke but apparently, Self does.

“Have you been reading Camus again?”

“Define Camus.” Self sneers through a rising cloud of smoke. I cough.

“Very funny. Seriously, what is up with this Obama thing.We really need to have a unified position. People will get confused. They’ll say I’m a waffler. And nothing is worse than being lumped in with John McCain.”

“That is more horrifying that either us needs to contemplate at this point in our relationship.”

Sigh. Obviously Self will not be giving straight answers today. Self never gives straight answers. Which is why my life is what it is. It’s like being trapped in a body with an aging, black beret wearing, macrobiotic eating, hippie. Quite horrible really. Especially when I consider how much I’ve always secretly wanted to be a a pro-life Republican. Self refuses on moral grounds. And occasionally too many coffee grounds.

I try one more time.

“Self” I yell ” I need a plausible explanation I can take to the people. Now!” I augment my position with a stern finger pointing.

Self regards me with that smug beatnik look I have always hated, yawns and says “Well, he’s not Bush.”

So now I know. I am, like many Social Democrats, willing to take anyone as the President as long as their last name doesn’t rhyme with mush, push, or shush. And their Vice President doesn’t rhyme with Heaney.

Sad really, I thought my reasoning my would be deeper and more complex, but alas, no.