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I Won’t Do It and Rupert Murdoch Can’t Make Me


Let’s just jump in, shall we?

Rupert Murdoch wants to begin charging people for online content across all of his newspapers.

I say have at it. I will miss The Sun, but hey, there still a whole slew of mud-slinging sites out there that won’t make me pay to read about Katie Price. I don’t read The Wall Street Journal, why bother when I have Bloomberg, Reuters and The Smoking Gun? Those sites provide links to News  all over the world. I can get content specific information all day by clicking through them. Readers don’t need Murdoch’s papers, online or print.

Murdoch has an overblown sense of importance. And, like many others in the dying Print Journalism sector, he has completely ignored the group that spreads news the fastest.

No, not Iranian twitter junkies.


If it’s even slightly news worthy or gossipy , the Bloggers will have it up and running in minutes. Twenty minutes later The Huffington Post will have the full article. With pictures and eyewitness accounts. New memes are being created constantly and they cycle through the Internet very quickly. Sure one could shut blogsites down but…  Attempting to silence bloggers has never worked out well for mainstream media. Why should they want to when they can steal content from bloggers who rarely complain? Oh yes, they do. They’ve done it to me. I’ve read my own words, without credit,  several times on mainstream news sites. I have heard from other bloggers who have the same problem.  We mostly ignore it, as it’s kind of flattering in a left handed way.

The issue here is whether the average joe will pay to read the news online?

I think for highly specialize content, maybe.  But then those papers would be reduced to industry specific information causing their readership to dwindle.

Yet, for general News? No. I don’t think people will pay.  Other online papers can follow the lead of the man whose papers are under investigation for criminal phone hacking, (coughworldnewscorpcough), but there are to0 many sites that will let us in to wander about for free. Also, there are many back doors into different papers. News aggregators would be the bane of the paying sites existence. Let’s not forget about the group that drives the Internet. The online advertisers. Online advertisers flock to the sites that have the most readers. If one is required to pay for content, the readership will shrink, causing advertisers to look elsewhere.

Murdoch can force people to pay, but he can’t force them to read his sites.

The News industry is discovering what the Music industry has been dealing with for years, people now have choices.  We are not bound to accept content based on what the Industry wants to give us. News, like music, will now be fully driven by demand.  If we like what you have to offer, we might pay for it. But probably not. Mostly we will wait for our aggregator to pick it up from another site or have it e-mailed to us by relatives.  Consumers no longer have to wait to be told what they like or which news groups they get their content from. They can choose for themselves. And very few people will choose to pay for something they can get for free elsewhere.

And for greedy, unscrupulous executives like Murdoch, that is a scary proposition.


It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year


It’s that time again. The smell of new shoes is in the air. The delicate sound of shouting and screaming outside the bedroom window as students line up at 6:45 a.m. to wait for the bus.

They’re going back.

And so am I. Another year of self-abuse and personal flagellation I like to call My Career As a Professional Substitute. This year our district has signed on with a professional contractor, ergo, I get benefits. Yeah! And five separate districts that I am contracted to. Boo! New students. Yeah! New administrators. Boo!

I am actually looking forward to this year. I have put together all of my papers, pencils, lesson plans, notebooks, printables, stickers, paperclips, xanax and vodka. Now all I need are the assignments.

You know how little kids get ready at 4 am for the first day of school and then just sit on the couch waiting for the ok to run to the bus? Yeah, that’s me. Just swinging my feet and waiting to say those magic words:

“If you don’t give me that phone right now I will call security and have you suspended.”

Ah, it’s gong to be a great year. I can feel it.


And They Just Keep Coming…


Is there a full moon I don’t know about? Or is it just a really slow news day? I just had this link e-mailed to me. Apparently, it’s been up since January and has been made into a book. Still, it’s a hoot. It’s called (for those of you too tired from surfing to actually click the link) Obama is your If you click on the words you get a new message each time. I’ve been doing it for ten minutes and it just keeps getting funnier.

So have little fun and get positive messages about Barack Obama and what he can do for you.


Oh, You!


Obama had an interview on Fox.

Let the howling begin. Apparently, liberal bloggers are upset. They think he should ban Fox news and their unholy pack of ‘journalists’.

I’m a liberal blogger and I’m not upset. Well, I’m upset that most people think Fox is a ‘news’ outlet rather than the propaganda fear machine it is. But Obama had to do the interview because Rev. Wright won’t shut up.

In order to undo the damage the Rev keeps inflicting on his campaign Obama has to seem like a middle of the road, average joe willing to sit down with the bad guys and look calm and collected. Which, he did. Mission accomplished.

I still don’t like  him, though.

He’s acquiring quite an oily sheen, actually.

Rub up against enough lobbyists, campaign managers, and Rock The Vote aficionados and that could happen to you, too.

I wonder how many Nature Conservancy volunteers it will take to get him clean and ready to fly again?


Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire


My weather metery widget is telling me that my city is having a huge rainstorm. It is in fact barely misting.


Everyone lies. Except of course, political candidates. Unless your name rhymes with Millary Minton.

John “I have Head and Ass Syndrome ” McCain would never tell a lie to general public. But he might let bloggers and news cameras catch him on film. According to McCain downtown Bagdad is the place to be for all your shopping needs. Let’s not forget his little white ones in the eighties that helped spur the Savings and Loan crisis.  No, No, John is a straight shooter who never fudges, flip flops or tries to get one over.

Obama would never lie to the general public either. He might capitalize on one someone else told but, such a thing is morally beneath him. Right. I deeply enjoyed his speech on race and his attempt to distance while not looking like he was distancing himself from the Rev.  Lying by omission or pretended ignorance counts.

I’ve not met anyone who doesn’t lie. People lie to get out of trouble, to avoid trouble, to look better than they are, to get something, to lose something, to hold onto something, to let go of something. A lie can be helpful, detrimental, interesting, painful or useful.

I’m lying to you right now, maybe. For all anyone out there knows I am a right wing Republican who regularly gets off with pictures of Bono. I’m not and the very thought is revolting, but how do you know?

Certain things need to be overlooked. If one starts with the premise that everyone lies life is a lot less complicated. It opens up a path by which one can start to look underneath the lies and hear what is not being said rather than what is. Often the important information coming out of someones’ mouth is the very thing they won’t say.

Such as, McCain for all of his ranting about how Dems can’t end the war, never once mentions how HE will deal with it should he become our President. I’ve no doubt he has a plan but, I’m willing to bet it’s not one the general public would like very much.

Every candidate has an issue they don’t discuss. Instead of being sidetracked by the media circus, look under it and see what’s not being said. That’s where one will find the candidates true beliefs and morals.

And honestly, I regularly get off with pictures of  Paul Wolfowitz.

(As if)


Three In One


I haven’t had time to post lately. I don’t have time now but what the hey. This being another busy morning and me being post poor, I’ll just run over a few news topics that have rankled my inner cranky,cane shaking, old person.

Huckabee. What I hate most about falsely religious right wing people is that the first people they blame are gay people when anything goes wrong. Considering Huckabee’s close relationship with a man who preaches that Jesus was wealthy and wants everyone in his flock to have a vacation home, perhaps he should look in the mirror for the culprit he is searching for. Twit.

Telecom immunity from prosecution for releasing the private information of customers to the government without a warrant. I Don’t Think So. They should have to suffer the indignity of having their information made public too.

But the best are the two top news stories I just read over at Google.The first one is about how the US gave intelligence to the Turkish government just before they bombed the Kurds in Iraq. The second article states that Rice see progress in Iraq. Yeah, especially with the Kurds out of the way.

I’ve said it before but let me refresh: Just because you say something is true, that doesn’t make it true. Most of the time it’s just a lie wearing hope. Gay people are not the root of all evil or any evil for that matter. If a company violates the law they should have to suffer the consequences and one cannot protect a country by helping another government bomb the citizens of that country. That’s not progress, its criminal activity.

Have a nice day.


What, Me Worry?


This article in TheDaily Kos postulates that:

1. The public is not aware that it is the Republicans who are gumming up the works and slowing down passage of bills.

Yes we are.

2. Democrats are weak and unwilling to fight filibusters and lo the days of the dealmakers are gone. Deep Sigh.

We know that first part and as for the second well, isn’t dealmaking how we ended up in this position in the first place?

3. Buy the book, don’t see the movie.

I am sick of pundit bullshit artists writing books. They always say the same things and never really draw the conclusions that are necessary to complete the thought. No book written by a Washington insider is going to solve the myriad of problems facing this nation. It only increases their personal profits.

4. It’s all the fault of Trent “I’m outta here” Lott and Newt “What Career” Gingirch.

I’d say it was the collective of people who sought to install President Straw Man. Singling people out just makes for good copy. That’s right, I blame the southern fundies and their B.S. agenda.(Psst.. evolution is real and if climate problems continue, you’ll get to see it up close and personal.)