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And We’re Back……


I’m back. Rotten spelling and all. Miss me? I missed you. Okay everybody in, group hug. *Sigh*.  All right back up, too close, little too close.

No, I did not buy a new computer. I took a page from the Neil Gaiman book of how to get things to work properly. I brought in a tower that looks exactly like mine. Then I slowly dismantled it in front of my tower, until it was in a thousand unfixable pieces. Then I showed my tower the claw hammer and told it was next if it didn’t work right. Voila. Here I am. Never underestimate the power of threats on inanimate objects.

Now I just need a little surfing time to get back in the groove and I will have lots of things to complain and whine about.


Three In One


I haven’t had time to post lately. I don’t have time now but what the hey. This being another busy morning and me being post poor, I’ll just run over a few news topics that have rankled my inner cranky,cane shaking, old person.

Huckabee. What I hate most about falsely religious right wing people is that the first people they blame are gay people when anything goes wrong. Considering Huckabee’s close relationship with a man who preaches that Jesus was wealthy and wants everyone in his flock to have a vacation home, perhaps he should look in the mirror for the culprit he is searching for. Twit.

Telecom immunity from prosecution for releasing the private information of customers to the government without a warrant. I Don’t Think So. They should have to suffer the indignity of having their information made public too.

But the best are the two top news stories I just read over at Google.The first one is about how the US gave intelligence to the Turkish government just before they bombed the Kurds in Iraq. The second article states that Rice see progress in Iraq. Yeah, especially with the Kurds out of the way.

I’ve said it before but let me refresh: Just because you say something is true, that doesn’t make it true. Most of the time it’s just a lie wearing hope. Gay people are not the root of all evil or any evil for that matter. If a company violates the law they should have to suffer the consequences and one cannot protect a country by helping another government bomb the citizens of that country. That’s not progress, its criminal activity.

Have a nice day.


Top Tubes


So, have you ever been tooling around the net only to find something so horrifying you must stop and examine it from all angles? Today I found just the thing. It’s called, and please I am not making this up, GodTube.

That’s right folks, now for all of you who feel there aren’t enough religion inspired videos on YouTube, there’s finally a place for you. I was particularly entranced with their tagline “Broadcast Him”. Note the capital H. Otherwise, it could be ‘him’ anybody. With the capital it let’s the world know it’s the BIG HIM, not just anyone. And does HIM want to be broadcast? That’s something we’ll have to wait to find out.

The video’s include, sermons, Christian music videos, and a Fox News interview. ‘Cause when I think HIM, I think Fox news. No, really, everyone knows that all of their information comes, not from journalistic integrity, but from on High. By which I mean the White House press secretaries.

This is what their CEO had to say about why they started GodTube:

“Most Christians want to reach un-churched people,” Smith said, “but you have to be really smart about where you reach un-churched people at.”

Un-churched? He makes it sound like if you don’t go to church you have a disease. “Don’t go near them Susie, they’re Unchurched .” At which point the wailing begins and Christians flee to begin preparing for Armageddon. Unchurched, I’ll just put that on my list of words that need never be used again, like the word scrummy.

I am amused when things like this pop up. Christian Fundamentalists harp on and on about secular society and it’s evil ways but they seem to have no problem taking the most popular things from that society and giving them a religious bent. They think they are creating something new but in fact, they are not. The Fundamentalists haven’t had anything new in sometime. Like country music, they just steal a good idea and put their own twist on it. I thought stealing was against the Law?

I should mention at this point that, apparently, there is a JewTube and an IslamicTube as well. As of yet we have not seen a BuddistTube or a JainistTube but, we’re waiting.

I was going to create my own site called ApathyTube but, really, I couldn’t be arsed.


Hail ToThe Magisterium


Dear Nutjob Bill Donohue,

As the child of a woman who keeps a crystal rosary in her purse with water from Lourdes attached to it, I ‘d like to take this opportunity to thank you for encouraging your mindless cult following readers to see The Golden Compass. Nothing gets people out faster than banging on your bible and screaming “Boycott” in a crowded web page. Of course, they’ll want to read the books as well so, I am sure Phil Pullman thanks you too.

Might I suggest that you read “How To Read Literature Like a Professor” before you start setting books on fire in the town square? You see, it might help you fully understand the nature of symbolism in the books that you comment on. Clearly, you have fastened on to a simplistic answer to a rather knotty question and well, forests and trees, what can I say. Also, I always find it amusing when people who spend a majority of their time crying about being discriminated against,as you do on your website, take every opportunity to do the same thing to others. Where was your public outcry when The Chronicles of Narnia came out? Riiiight.

I also humbly suggest that you stop giving interviews. You sound crazier in person than you do on your page. Kind of like that universal schizophrenic who stands next to people and mumbles in public libraries. And people, namely me, are laughing at you. I suspect that is not the reaction you were going for.

Oh yeah, before I forget, the reason HIV infections in New York have gone up despite the widespread distribution of condoms is not, as you state on your page, because people aren’t using them. It has to do with other forms of transmission of the disease, like oh, I don’t know, sharing infected needles. There is no ‘condom hoax’ you twit.

with love this holiday season,

UPDATE: I had a friend say to me “Who’s Bill Donohue?” So FYI, Mr.Bill runs the web page for The Catholic League. And no, I will not post a link as I don’t want my blog linked to such a place. I have standards.

Anybody Got An Asprin, I Think I Have A Cold


Last week some poor scientisty person kicked it due to Plague. That sucks for him. And anyone he may have coughed on.

This week I have been noticing some pretty ominous ads on Televsion. One is an ad sponsored by the CDC (I think) stating that this years flu season could be deadly so get your flu shots. The others are some grim ads by Lysol about germ transfer. It implies that if there are germs in your house, you and your whole family will die. I scoffed, as who wouldn’t, until I read this mornings news and then I thought, oh well, thanks for the info and does anyone know where I can get a Hazmat suit?

There’s a new sheriff in town and he looks a lot like an old sheriff in new clothes. The cold virus has new attitude. It has been killing people for the last year and a half. Quoi? And of course they are just telling us now. Surprise it’s not the Bird Flu, it’s a cold virus.

The CDC can’t seem to get their opinions together. In one article: it’s ok, nothing to be alarmed about, just though you might like to know. And in the next the CDC is practically screaming that we’re all gonna die.

I suspect the truth is somewhere in between. It’s a mutation they have never seen before on a virus everyone has had at least once. Scary, the unknown. Yet, only ten people have actually died though hundreds have been infected.

I like to think back fondly on the Flu Epidemic of 1918. When people thought God was passing judgment and millions of soldiers died in trenches, hacking and coughing themselves to death. Where one in every three people died. Yes, that was the hey day of viruses.

Of course we invented ways to stop that sort of thing. Now the viruses are reinventing themselves like some over blown eighties pop star who wants to re-issue an album that was good when it was first put out, but now really is kind of dated and frankly, hasn’t everybody heard all of these tracks, do we really need at twentieth anniversary edition?

Wait, where was I?

Oh yeah. Getting a flu shot won’t help. It’s a cold virus, not a flu virus. Lysoling everything within a twelve mile radius will not help either. Unless you are taking a Lysol bath. Sneeze and infect. Cough and infect. Talk and infect. It’s called droplet transmission . It’s also the reason I don’t like to eat out. The cooks talk over your food while they re cooking and, and well… ick.

So good luck everyone. Try to stay warm and cold free because the cure for the common cold is the same as it was for the Flu back in 1918. And you remember how effective that was.


The Devil’s Own


In looking over my stats and graphs and charts it would seem that many of you were unhappy with my comments on Tammy Faye Bakker-Messner or whatever she called herself. I thought I would explain myself with a little historical perspective. History being what it is and all too often ignored, the crimes that Jim and Tammy Faye committed are currently being repeated on a larger scale.

In the 80’s a new behemoth of religious claptrap grew itself a movement called Televangelism. “Christian” broadcasting grew to enormous proportions headed primarily by Pat Robertson, Jim and Tammy and Jerry Falwell. Their individual and collective messages centered around the idea that everyone who didn’t share their beliefs were going to hell and those who did should give them money to prove it. They set up nonprofit organizations that built hotels and theme parks. Or at least that was the idea. Very little of the money went to the actual building of anything and a great deal of it went into the pockets of the leaders of those organizations. It was a giant scam that took advantage of ordinary people and their belief systems. Each of those who headed one of these Televangelist shows grew wealthy off the idea that you could in fact buy your way into heaven. People paid for healing via the television. Those who could afford it gave thousands of dollars to expand these so called ministries only later to realize that they had been mercilessly taken by a bunch of snake oil salesmen. Not one of those so called ‘ministries’ had managed to retain their non profit status. Once the whole thing blew up everyone of them, Falwell, Robertson and the Bakkers found themselves on the receiving end of an IRS enema.

Now my problem with Tammy Faye, outside of the fact that her group held people hostage through their belief in God, is that while she had some IRS difficulties, she never actually did any time for the crimes both she and her husband committed against so many people, many of them sick or old. No, Jim is the one who took the heat and she swanned off into the sunset. She got a divorce and claimed she knew nothing about it. Bull. Those two were inseperable and it is well nigh impossible that she was unaware of what was going on within the business that she helped build. As for the rape allegations and alleged payoff, my guess is she was fully aware of that too. While I find all of those who engaged in the Televangelist movement revolting, I save my deepest ire for Tammy Faye because she should have admitted her complicity. She should have served time and didn’t. Instead she married someone else and tried to regain the life she once had with Jim.

And now in this century we have a repeat of that history. In the building of the so called nondenominational mega churches. These churches promise all kind of goodies in the after life for a nominal fee in the current life. They are getting fat and happy off the same promises of healing and redemption that the Televangelist movement made. Only instead of Bakker we now have Haggard. A man who roundly and soundly condemned all homosexuals as evil and was himself found with a male prostitute.

I know that money and religion all through history have gone hand in hand. A quick look at the Crusades and the amount of money they generated gives historical perspective to current activities. However, I think that the modern version is much worse as we have more than one religious system now.

We can now make choices about our beliefs and how we engage them. People who hijack those choices to play on the fears of the naive, the hopeful, the devout and the old in order to gain themselves wealth and power are the lowest form of life. And those who refuse to acknowledge their crimes once they are caught don’t deserve any sympathy or understanding, pre or post mortem.


An American Renactment


The American People: Mr. President, what is that you have behind your back?

Prez: Wha?

AP: Don’t act like you don’t know what we’re talking about. Come on, out with it.

Prez: It’s nothing. Just a bag, dad.

Ap: Just a bag. Mmmm. Let me see it.

Prez: No.

AP: Give it.

Pez: No. I don’t gotta. I got privilges, priviligdes, privateline, No.

AP: You give it to me this instant Mr. Man or there will be consequences.

Prez: Fine. Here.

AP: What is this? Is this a wiretapping scam? What are you doing with a FISA regulated program?

Prez: I was just playing with it a bit. Tweaking it.

AP: Great, look at this. You’ve got AT&T, Verizon and Yahoo all tangled up in it. What a mess. This’ll take forever to sort out. What? What is this? Is this a war? You have a war in your bag. You know you’re not allowed to just have a war.

Prez: I got permission.

AP: From who?

Prez: People.

AP: What people?

Prez: People..mumble mumble

AP: ‘Scuse?

Prez: Fine. God. People I might have lied to.

AP :This is just embarrassing. How are you going to explain this? Look at this will you? Suicide bombers everywhere, oil all over the place..oh great, half the continents aren’t even speaking to us. Is France giving us the finger? Nice. Oh, and Russia too, what a surprise. We’ll just give this back to Congress to fix. You are in soooo much trouble Mr. You just wait until we get… Oh my lord, is this the Constitution? What the hell happened to it ?

Prez: Cheney said I could do whatever I wanted to it.

AP: It’s all mangled. Half the civil liberties are missing. Where are they?

Prez: I hid them.

AP: Well, you better give them back. What is this giant stai- is that barbecue sauce? On the Constitution. You got barbecue sauce on the nations oldest document?

Prez : I was hungry.

Ap: You were hungry. And busy while we weren’t looking, apparently. You are a naughty President. I’ve a mind to take away your Executive Privileges. And your veto. I just don’t know what we’re going to do with you. We’ve tried and tried. Well, I’m waiting, what should we do with you?

Prez: What? I wasn’t listening.