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Careful There, You Almost Stepped In It


Dearest Rush Limbaugh,

When you were a child, did you know that one day you would grow up to be  a heinous individual whose verbal incontinence caused people to want to ram steak knives into their ear canals? Did you?

I was only asking because comparing our President to the entire Nazi regime and encouraging hillbilly followers to disrupt town hall meetings and/or physically abuse complete strangers seems like a unusual life goal.  I understand the need to have a goal. I have goals. I have a great dream where it is illegal to spread slander. Oh wait, (headslap) that’s not a dream.

You, my fat bellied friend, are skating really close to the edge of a dangerous pond.  While one may in fact poke fun at the President of the United States, and I for one, really miss having the ammunition to do so, one cannot imply that one knows for certain that he is a Nazi,without actual proof.  You are probably wondering how you did that. It comes from stating, however vaguely, that the swastika is used in any manner by  the United States government or in this case, President Obama. The use of said emblem in any way would by association imply that our President is indeed a Nazi. And then the big bad Government agencies that you would like to see let loose on common citizens would actually be after…you. For slander of a public figure. Which you have barely escaped doing in your little tirade yesterday.

The most fun part of this is that the swastika is only being used  by your fellow right wingers on their protest signs. They are carrying the emblem. And waving it about. And shouting threatening slogans at innocent bystanders. So, by your own wise definition system, are they not in fact advertising themselves to be…….I’ll let you figure that one out.

Have a great, big, giant, red white and blue day! And see if you can’t work on getting some kind of internal editor before you end up back in the slammer.


Legislating Dystopia: Huxley Is Laughing


Today I am having a fit of moral curiosity. It could happen, stop laughing.

As our culture endures a rather lengthy shake up and restructuring due to gas prices and food costs, I’ve noticed something. The government in the background is trying to legislate morality. They are going about it much more forcefully than ever before.  They are in the process of trying and potentially winning a battle to make nicotine a governmental regulated drug. Recently legislation was presented to make female contraceptives on par with abortion.

Why is this being allowed? Is it because we the people lack the common sense to live up to high moral standards or have we just stopped trying? In a culture that excoriates anyone who attempts to live outside the consumer mentality and exonerates greedy corporations for what amounts to illegal activities it is not a surprise that we no longer care. No one is listening. We are not being heard.

At some point being a gansta became the highest achievement teens will reach for. I say this, not because of flimsy media reports, but because that is what the students tell me. So, instead of looking beyond, they look around this country and feel that since it cannot be fixed in any meaningful way they will glorify defiance and violence. And that is where many inner city teens live. Not all of them mind you, but many of them.

And the adults are losing hope as well. We are losing the feeling that this government is for the people. As oil companies take in record profits on the backs of working Americans, many of whom are losing their homes, what is there to makes retain any hope for the future? Apparently nothing.

That being said, do we need government to regulate our personal habits? After allowing greed and gluttony to rule the last eight years what right does the Bush administration have to decide what we do with our lives?  They are trying to tell us who we can sleep with, while Republicans and evangelist ministers are indicted for prostitution and fraud. They are trying to tell us how to have fun, while Legislators are indicted for sexual harassment and fixing the judicial branch to reflect their groups’ philosophy. And more importantly, they are trying to tell us what we should believe in. By passing care for the poor directly into the hands of protestant churches and giving them government funding, by defining what a human being is using a 2000 year old book and repeatedly failing at passing new marriage laws aimed at keeping out non-traditional families, our government is trying to force this country to move backwards rather than forwards.

This moral legislation ideology will only last as long as the current crisis. Once Bush and his cronies no longer have their boot heels on the throats of ordinary citizens there will be a backlash. One has only to look at periods of history to see this. And it will not be good. Our society is in the midst of a shake up, a change. It happens every 65-70 years or so. Social patterns change and grow. Not everyone will engage in the change and not everyone will appreciate the new direction. However, it is coming, and it is coming faster than most of us realize.

To legislate personal choice is a violation of not just the constitution but the section of the constitution that guarantees us the ‘pursuit of happiness’. To look over the neighbors fence and decide that their idea of happiness is just a bad choice is ludicrous. We do not all engage in the same behaviors. Nor should we.

I, for one, would find no pleasure in living in a dystopian society in which everyone is expected to behave the same way at the same time, all the time.

Would you?


Don’t Come Around Here No More


John Edwards made a speech last night. It went something like this:

“There is one man who knows and understands that this is a time for bold leadership. There is one man that knows how to create the change, the lasting change, that you have to build from the ground up,” Edwards said. “There is one man who knows in his heart there is time to create one America, not two…”  And that man is–

Alan Greenspan??

Warren Buffett??

William Easterly??

Noooo, Barak Obama.

Edwards, after waiting months to see how the race would turn out, has thrown all of his political weight, all 20 ounces, behind Obama. And he did it right here in the Mich.

Are you (radio edit) kidding me? I smell ploy. Big, billowing clouds of political ploy wafting all over the west side of this state. Seriously, one whole side of our mitten is now covered in snake oil. Someone call the Nature Conservancy I think we have a disaster site that needs cleaning.

These two couldn’t be arsed when it came to the problems with our primary. They blithely stuck with Howard Dean and his mindless drones at the DNC in their quest to disenfranchise Michigan voters. They punished every voter in this state because our primary date was moved. Obama has gone so far as to suggest he get half of the delegates. Even though he refused to put his name on our ballot. Now they’re grandstanding in Grand Rapids?

Ya know who else visited Grand Rapids? George W Bush. Dick Cheney. John McCain. Bono. Ya know why they go to Grand Rapids? Because, Lansing, Detroit and Ann Arbor won’t allow them past the city limits. They have standards. While Grand Rapids is the Babylonian whore of Michigan cities.

The new financial center of our state is located in Grand Rapids. If one wishes to cull the political newbies who control or have large amounts of cash, Grand Rapids is the place to do it. Not to mention, it being the home of one of our most benign and lovably forgettable Presidents, it tends to make a statement. Which statement I’m not sure. Maybe something like “I’m a political hack who wants you to equate me with President Ford.” or maybe “See, I’m a harmless conservative” or “Give me all your money.”

My position is this: When I see Obama in a pair of old jeans, hosting a rally in Flint, shaking hands with Michael Moore and holding a steaming hot pasty, then I might lighten up.

But watching these two slick snakes spend a night patting one another on the back in OUR state is just tasteless and petty.

Tom Petty.

Because as I watched events unfold this is what went through my head:

Don’t come around here no more

Whatever you’re looking for

Give it up


Give it up

And now I can’t get that damn song out of my head.

One more thing to hate them for.


Carl Levin Is A Turncoat


I am ashamed of the Michigan Senator and would like to issue a blanket apology to all Americans for him. Carl Levin broke ranks and voted with Republicans to fund the war in Iraq without a timetable for withdrawal.

Aside from the horror of watching my state fall further and further behind in just about every category, now I have to apologize to everyone for living in one of the states that just handed King Bush another blank check to do as he pleases.

These constant freebies that the Senate hands out to a man who has no concept of what being the Head of State really means is not only hard to watch, but excruciating when we are forced to participate by the traitorous actions of our elected Senators.There is no explanation available that could possibly excuse Levin’s defection. First chance given I will vote to oust him as he has clearly lost the vision and hardheaded determination he has shown in the past.

Levin should be deeply ashamed of himself.

Nevermind, we’ll be ashamed for him. That’s how it works. Senators can do as they please but it’s the people who bear the burden of responsibility. We’re the ones who pay for their actions.

And right now it’s the soldiers who are going to pay for it by continuation of the War in Iraq.

I cannot fully express in words how much sorrow and embarrassment Senator Carl Levin has caused with his recent vote. Let’s just imagine a rude hand gesture and leave it at that.


The Children’s Crusade


I wasn’t going to post today. Nothing had really tripped my trigger and I was just going to let sleeping blogs lie.

Then the mail came.

Remember how I mentioned that my daughter’s Glamour keeps coming to the ‘House? We got another one today. It’s got Mariah Carey on the front wearing what can only be described as a liquid disco ball with hair by Farrah Faucet. I snorted and threw it upside down on the coffee table.

And saw the greatest advertising travesty I have ever seen. I am still speechless.

On the back cover is an advertisement for the world’s finest profiteering scheme. Yes, the Red Program . Only this time there is an 11 year old wearing one of those ridiculous sweatshop shirts. And so is her Curious George.

Ah! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!(repeat this for about five minutes to get the full effect)

If an adult wants to advertise for these money grabbing bastards that’s their business. But children? Babies?

No. No .No. No.No.

My eleven year old is only interested in dancing, band, and how to build new structures out of her bedroom furniture. And I have yet to meet a baby who is socially conscious. Mostly babies spend time trying to remove their socks. Now I am sure there are eleven year olds who care about the planet and others blah, blah, blah, so don’t send me e-mails.

At these ages clothing is still bought by the parents and if you are dressing your children in these kinds of clothing, you should have your head examined. It’s a Giant Lie. A Scam. A ‘business model’. It’s about the business of making money. Bono and Bobby can bang on from now until the end of time about how beneficial this program is, but it’s crap. And they know it. I know they know it because they never offer statistics, Why? Because they don’t have any, that’s why. It’s a giant money making machine for companies they are attached to in some way. Like Apple. Like The Gap. And dragging children into it is just shit.

Hey, while they’re at it maybe they could offer me a bigger penis or money if only I cash an international cashiers check for them.

What I really want to know is: what did Curious George ever do to the marketing analysts at The Gap that would make them want to hurt him in such a demeaning way?

To make a serious difference and not just show off, go to or Buy (less) Crap. You’ll find the links in my blogroll.

I need to go take a pill, I think my blood pressure just shot way, way, up.


When Bad Writers Go Glamour


I have a terrible confession to make.

I read a Glamour magazine.

It’s not my fault! My daughter’s subscription keeps coming to the ‘House and while I was waiting for a computer to take me off hold and give me to a real person, I peeked. I’ve never actually read one of these magazines before and all I can say is; What a glitzy waste of a tree. Most of the articles were trash. But none so poorly written and trashy as the one written by Jessica Coen.

You remember Jessica Coen don’t you ? She used to be one of Gawkers’ bashers. Now using her limited writing skills, she writes for upscale trash rather than online trash. Her article is called “Online Bullies Back Off” A two page doozy in which she spends one and a half pages whining about how poorly she was treated while she spread malicious gossip. Imagine how hurt and surprised she was.


What makes me emit a low, perhaps deadly, growl is that in said article she makes an allusion to Kathy Sierra. As though she and Kathy shared the same fate. Which, I suppose, they did. The difference being, Ms. Sierra is a dignified tech writer who primarily offers advice and information. Whilst Jesse just said whatever came into her bubble head without any regard for the consequences. Big difference. Little Coen can’t seriously see her self as someone who is maligned without any reason. But she does. Oh boo f’n hoo.You get what you pay for, sister.

Jessica Coen wants sympathy for BEING an online bully. And frankly I think we should give her sympathy. For being a crap writer. With skills that poor she should receive lots of advice and support from writing instructors around the world.


Columbia, We Have Rip Off


Well have I been absent or what? Geez. With so much going on I should be here everyday spilling my vitriol all over the net. Alas, those pesky students gave me the Bird Flu. I was flapping and squawking for days. The Horror, the Horror.

So Iran’s President Mohamoud Ahmamumblemumble at Columbia University. I don’t understand. They spy on their own citizens and tag everyone who has something naughty to say about Bush, but it’s okay for the head of a country once referred to as the Axis of Evil to talk to our impressionable young people? Mer?

I am all for free speech. Obviously. However this one just has me puzzled. Like when you try to read the clues to the New York Times Sunday Edition. You know it’s English, but it looks funny. I don’t think this is about free speech and if it is, it looks weird.

Why Colombia would issue such an invitation is beyond me. And they did it twice. The first time he turned them down. What does he have to say that Columbia deems so important? “Death to all Americans” which is what most of his speeches in his own country boil down to. I suspect they keep doing it to show Bush that they are on the edge of world politics. That they know whats going on. Or maybe just to piss him off. Who knows. I think it was a pretty silly thing to do. Allowing a man who engenders a continuous message of hate and repression to talk to students is well, let me put it this way: When was the last time Charles Manson was invited to speak at a university? Right.

Oh and did you know that Ireland has Ploughing Championships. Yeah me neither, but I think we should adopt that idea as soon as possible.

Dogwoman ( Flap, squawk)