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Nothing To Lose


Credit crisis. Rising Gas prices. Rising food prices. Inert and unwilling lawmakers.

These are some of the problems facing America today. While it may seem that these are loosely connected in some vague way they are in fact directly related.

Banks made loans to low income people at what are termed ‘predatory rates’. This means that the bank knew the homeowner couldn’t pony up the dough and was just waiting for the time they must foreclose. Then they could sell the house to another ‘low income homeowner’ and start the cycle all over again. Using this method they could make thousands of dollars off one house and the average yutz. Pretty slick. Too bad so many banks started getting in on the action. By using the idea of the American Dream against regular Joes, like you and I, the banking industry has crashed our economy.

It’s not just the lending strategy, it’s the hiding of assets and debit that has been going on since 2000. The banks have been playing fast and loose with numbers off the books. Things that we never hear about like derivatives and the resurgence of hedge funds and private equity funds.

What puzzles me and makes me wonder is why the Government is bailing out the banks.

The Government should be bailing out the homeowner. I thought is was the general duty of the Government to help those who have been harmed by the amoral practices of businesses which it is supposed to regulate. Like Banks. I had no idea the Government was in place to bail out the banks who instituted these policies after Slick Willy signed Bank deregulation into law in 2000, just before he skated out the White House door. Guess he was hoping we wouldn’t notice.

With the credit industry crashing on a global scale NOW bank officers are crying foul. “Oh we should have seen that” Oh fuck off, you did see it, but your profits were more important than those who might be harmed. Like everyone not on the Board.

The bankers who brought you the Savings and Loan disaster of the eighties have now brought you the World Wide Credit Crunch. And they have no plans to change any of their policies once our Fed bails them out.

Thanks to them gas and food and housing prices are soaring because the billions in tax payer dollars that should be going to restructuring programs are going into the coffers of banks. The Government is using our money to bail out the banks who raped our communities. And the lawmakers sit back and yawn and rake in the campaign contributions from these bastards while rubber stamping their poor policies.

Why not? They’ve got nothing to lose.

I really hate that.


Primary Problems


The debate rages on as to whether or not Michigan and Florida will be allowed to re-vote their primary elections.

Interesting. Had the Primaries not been moved by the Governors this would not be an issue. Now if a re-vote happens and the delegates are allowed to attend the National Convention the only thing that will have happened is a huge bill for the voters. So much for protesting on the part of this state and Florida. Which was the point of moving the Primaries in the first place. They were protesting the unfair advantage of Iowa and New Hampshire in being allowed early elections.

If a form of re-vote doesn’t happen the Clinton campaign can cry foul. It’s not fair to have won Delegates but not have them counted. And they would be right. This form of punishment is not what a free election is all about. It hurts the candidates and the voters and makes the politicos look like fools.

However, I don’t think that Hilary would like the outcome of a new Primary here in Michigan. Many voters did not turn out and of those who did, 44% voted uncommitted. In what is essentially a recount, more voters would cast ballots and I believe Obama would carry the state. I say this not because I am backing Obama but because it’s good logic. Humans are essentially sheep, we look for the Bellwether and and follow along. With Obama taking so many of the delegates in other states, Michigan would simply fall in line. Had the Primary taken place at the correct time without any intervention, the reality might be different but because it did not, it’s become a moot point. The only reason to re-vote now would be to appease the ‘fairness’ to the candidates. The voters have already been disenfranchised, any attempt to correct it would be a case of too little, too late.

So the DNC can do as they like, as can the candidates and Governors. The voters can only vote. Which we did. And then were told that our votes were worthless.

Come Election time, regardless of how this will be handled, McCain will carry Michigan. Period. Democratic leaders have burned serious bridges here and whether or not this can be rectified in future elections has yet to be seen.


Spanking The Wolverine


The Democratic National Party has decided to punish Michigan for holding early primaries.They have announced that the Michigan delegates to the party, all 156 of them , will not be invited to the convention.

I am thinking that this is a very dangerous move on the part of the DNC. Michigan is a state of poor, agitated people who like to fight. And drink whenever possible. Drinking and fighting, that’s us. Like a little oasis of Ireland right in the middle of the US. So deciding to give us a spank right before the primary is maybe not such a good idea.

For the most part Michigan is a blue state. We have Ann Arbor, a little mid-western Berkley, if you will. Lansing sings Republican but acts like a Democrat every chance it gets. However, we also have Detroit and the U.P. Every one of the northbound Yoopers is Republican. It’s very Old School once you pay the toll and motor into St. Ignace. They are the last of a dying breed of hard line Republicans who wish the government would curl up and die like an ant under a magnifying glass. Detroit, or at least the suburbs of Detroit, is full of people who have scammed their way to the top and have no problem letting the rest of the state slip into a sinkhole as long as it doesn’t effect their profits in any way.

That said, it really won’t take much to change the color of our state from true blue, to stop red. Pushing us in one direction may cause a backlash the DNC is unprepared for. The candidates who have refused to put their their names on the ballots will also feel the heat. This includes Obama and Edwards. They may be following their party’s rules but they will also be alienating voters.

They may think that it doesn’t matter, and for the primaries Michigan may not be a big contender like New Hampshire. However, after the Primaries comes the Election. If a candidate has alienated the Michigan voters, they just might be surprised to watch the state come up Red and their name fall to the bottom of the list.

We might have the reputation as a bunch of backwoods hunters with no finesse and a crap football team, but we also have long memories and the ability to hold a grudge like no other state. We live for spite. Spite is what keeps us warm in the winter when our heat has been shut off  due to our inability to pay the bill because the Auto plant we worked at for twenty years laid us off and revoked our pension.

So while the DNC might be blindly following the rules, they could have a big problem come election time.

Chirrup, Chirrup “Hi! It’s The DEA, We’ve Got You Surrounded”


Aren’t cell phones the most convenient devices on the planet? The government thinks so. Especially if they want to track you because they think you might be a ‘criminal’. The Washington Post had an article yesterday detailing how law enforcement has been seeking multiple warrants to track those engaged in criminal activity through their cell phones.

Their reasoning?

“And in December 2005, Magistrate Judge Gabriel W. Gorenstein of the Southern District of New York, approving a request for cell-site data, wrote that because the government did not install the “tracking device” and the user chose to carry the phone and permit transmission of its information to a carrier, no warrant was needed.”

That’s right, because a cell phone was purchased, the government has the right to track you at any time without a warrant or that old nemesis, probable cause .

Even if that were true, which it’s not, how many times have you said the following phrase to a friend:

“Can I use your phone?” or “Let me see your phone.” or “Hey, have you got your phone on you?”

See where that can lead? Just because a phone is tracked doesn’t mean that the person using it is the person who owns it. I’ve held on to cell phones that weren’t mine for days at the owners request. Or put someone else’s phone into my pocket because they were pocket poor at the time.

All fourth and first amendment rights being horribly violated aside, just because a cell phone is logged as belonging to someone doesn’t mean that the person on the ground, shackled and bleeding, is the actual owner.

As always with me, the part of the article I found most offensive came at the end. One line :

“Justice Department officials said to the best of their knowledge, agents are obtaining court approval unless the carriersprovide(sic) the data voluntarily”

Oh, that makes it so much better. To know that your cell phone provider may just be handing out your information like Halloween candy.

Let’s face it, the definition of “criminal” has become pretty elastic over the last few years. As has the term the term “terrorist”. Those two words are pretty stretchy. As in the government has stretched them all out of proportion. Anyone who doesn’t agree with their politics has to reasonably expect that at sometime their right to privacy or free speech will be revoked using one of the new handy little changes, such as the wiretapping proviso or the Patriot Act.

I expect my letter will arrive any day now.


Playing Table Tennis With Dick


In a surprise serve, Kucinich attempted to have Cheney impeached yesterday.

That would have been a good day. An even better day would be to see Cheney and Bush standing before the ICC trying to explain themselves.

So the impeachment motion took on all of the excitement of a table tennis match when Republicans decided to change their votes to table the motion from yea to nay in order to force a vote. Then the Democrats, as always, followed along and switched their votes. A person could get whiplash watching such heated voting. Now, if anyone remembers their School House Rock, it goes to committee for debate.

Which, for most people, means it’s dead.

Or is it? Why should it be?

It’s a reasonable resolution . Forcing the people who have killed our civil liberties, gotten us into another Vietnam, released restrictions on oil companies and devalued our currency to the point where China is laughing, out of office sounds like the first good idea in a long time.

And they bang on about things that could have gotten done. Like what? Another vote on child health care that won’t get past Napoleon Bush and his Silly Putty Veto. I swear he must be wearing that little rubber stamp out. It probably begs for mercy whenever his hand comes near it.

The point is, they, both the Dems and the GOP, aren’t getting anything else done. Except to save a watershed in the Everglades. It’s nice to know that the two parties can come together on the important issues when a veto override is necessary.

Come On! Watershed? What about Iraq? What about Health Care? What about the fact that the Federal Post Office scammed millions of people out of millions of dollars in fees for passports? Oh, there are so many other things they could be doing, but let’s face it, they’re not. Instead they are playing games in the Senate. Games like Chicken and Red Rover and yes, Ping Pong.

So I say, e-mail the Judiciary Committee. Get out your Poison Word program and let the Committee know that, Yes they should impeach the Vice President. It won’t matter to Cheney, he doesn’t even know which branch of the government he belongs to. When it’s something of national importance he’s Executive and when someone wants a look at his documentation of shady things he is suddenly all about the Legislative.

If he wants to act like a governmental ping pong ball, let’s just stop playing the game. Impeachment would take Dick’s balls out of action, don’t you think?


Mayday, Mayday, Government Down!


Our state government shut down for three hours last night.

It was horrible, I tell you, horrible. For all of twenty minutes you couldn’t buy lottery tickets or booze. There were villagers with torches and screaming children wandering the streets.

But that’s not the worst part. No, the apex was all those poor campers who wanted to camp out in the fall on a Sunday night. Well, they were locked out of the parks. That’s right, nowhere to pitch a tent for them. I’m so glad they got everything under control or all the bow hunters might have converged on the Capital, making it impossible to get to work. And that would be a freakin’ tragedy wouldn’t it ? Though, the phone call would be funny:

“I’m sorry, I can’t make it to your school, the roads are blocked by angry bow hunters who were forced out of the national parks last night when the government shut down for thirty seconds.”

“I see. Any chance you could walk here?”

“Walk? Uh….”

At any rate by upping the income tax and raising sales tax on services they have managed to save the day. So all of the government workers can get back to their red tape. Of course, the lawmakers themselves get the day off. Well done, well done.

It never occurred to them to just take a pay cut. Why does that solution never catch on with overpaid lawmakers. I suspect it’s their student loans.

Anyway, crisis averted and hopefully this dire situation will not happen again.


Just Say No To Thugs


Fred Thompson is running for President. No, that’s not the important part. We all knew he was going to run, in much the same way there was that one guy in high school everyone knew was Gay but who refused to come out of the closet.

No, the important part is that he has declared that he will oust Hilary Clinton out of the top spot.


Because he is a twit.

Because he is a Pharma lobbyist.

Because the last time we let a professional actor into the White House he tried to create a missile defense system in space and escalated the Cold War.

Because he is a liar who preys on the need for people to believe that we are not going to hell in the proverbial hand basket.

Because he owns a red pickup and isn’t it time we hung up the baseball hats and tried to come to a rational conclusion about our country?

Because Thompson is a wealthy thug whose ideals live in the dark ages. He has chosen money over ethics every chance he’s gotten.

Because his voice gets on my last nerve. That’s right, the last one I have left. And this bumbling dickwad is jangling it at will.

And finally, because I firmly believe the John McCain could do a better job than Thompson running this country. And John McCain is an ass.

That’s all I have to say about that.