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The Road Not Taken


For eight years I have managed not to post on 9/11.  That’s not to say I don’t read everything that is posted by others. I feel that anything I could say about that day would be inadequate at best. How many words can we use to describe the desecration and horror Americans lived through? So many words have already been used. And I am word poor on the subject.

Today in class Teachers chose to show a documentary about Firefighters who were trapped in one of the collapsing buildings but somehow managed to live through the ordeal. I was trapped in the class. I was not at liberty to leave.  I tried very hard not to watch the video and covered up my aversion by getting students to pay attention. I was a hypocrite. I couldn’t help it. Unlike the students, I was fully aware during that day and the days after it. It is still a moment in history I cannot confront without pain. To have watched people choosing to throw themselves off the buildings rather than burn to death is something I cannot put out of my mind when the footage is shown. The horror of listening to people scream when the buildings came down  haunted me for a very long time.  The silence of the skies afterward is something that I hope to never live through again. I still cheer when a plane flies overhead with a great rumbling sound. I marvel at the trails they leave against the blue sky and am grateful.

Why am I writing today?  Because I have been avoiding not just the pain, but the anger that came with that day. And the anger is not entirely directed at those who engineered that horror and then danced afterward. It is directed at our government and how they took advantage of the fear and sorrow of a nation. The lies they told to ensure that we remained in a state of panic so that they could persue other objectives that had nothing to do with what happened. And how we are still locked in the trap they set for us. A nation at war with ourselves.

Instead of following a course of action that would yield positive results from a terrible situation,  our government chose to go to war against countries that had little or nothing to do with the actual act perpetrated. Wars we are still fighting. Instead of burying the dead, we added to the body count. And it’s still rising. Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Wolfowitz and Powell are walking around free and men and women are still dying. And the reason we were given for these wars no longer holds. They WMD farce, which had nothing to do with the destruction of two buildings in New York City, has already been exposed.

To this day I don’t believe that we are actively pursuing an enemy so much as an agenda. A monetary agenda. Because let’s face it, three thousand Americans lost their lives and a great many unscrupulous companies made money. A lot of money. Halliburton, Blackwater, Lockheed Martin, Boeing… to name a few. The government awarded lucrative contracts to private prisons to lock up undesirables. The banks and private investors took advantage of a nation whose attention was riveted  elsewhere. In eight years, we became not  the beacon of freedom and tolerance we should have been  but a byword for greed and stupidity. We became the international icon for lies and a haven for charlatans.  Where we could have emerged from 9/11 stronger, wiser and unbeaten, we allowed the pundits to convince us that everyone is out to get us. We began to fight amongst ourselves. Instead of banding together, we fractured. This is the legacy we have given ourselves. And we built it on the graves of firefighters and emergency personnel who died trying to help in a moment of hopelessness.

To this day I am ashamed of where we allowed ourselves to be led. It is my undying belief that those thousands of innocent people deserved better than what we have now become. A nation of backbiters and bickering fools who care more about what an uneducated pundit screams  than confronting a terrible truth. That, in our fear,  we helped our lawmakers create this mess.   The 9/11 victims deserve to be remembered not once a year, but every time a law is made, a deal is brokered or a lobbyist starts talking.

And the only ones who have the true power to ensure that this happens is you and I. When are we going to use it?


I Know I’m Terrorized. Aren’t You?


The asshat government of our esteemed country is debating whether or not to take a name off the terrorist list.

It would seem this man is a known terrorist.

That’s right. The U.S. has Nelson Mandela on it’s list of terror suspects. The ANC was considered a terror organization because it used armed force. Against a government that was killing it’s citizens with impunity and perpetrating genocide. And it’s the ANC they objected to, not Mandela himself. A man who has never raised a hand to punish those who falsely imprisoned him for 27 years.

It would seem that the U.S. forgot to remove his name earlier and now there are those who are rushing to push a bill through congress to see  that it’s done before his 90th birthday next month.

Honestly, what’s he going to do? Smile someone to death ? Speak rationally and patiently until the other side shoots themselves out of embarrassment?

Mandela is 90 years old and not in the best of health. However, he is one of very few voices of calm in an otherwise chaotic world. His various foundations have helped thousands of people. Not only should he not be on the Terrorist Suspects list, he should receive a very public apology for the lapse.

Of course, he’d probably just smile and pat our government on the shoulder and tell them it’s ok, he understands, but thank you for removing him from the list, he really appreciates it.

Yeah, all that warmth and kindness can be really scary.


Oh Holy Java!


Anyone else out there ever find a hair not belonging to you or any of your household floating in your coffee?

I just did and while I am all for global expansion, I do not include body hair in my list of things I’d like to see globally expanded.

I have to go throw out my fair trade coffee and buy a new machine.

Oh, and vomit.


To Paraphrase: It’s Your Own Fault


I’ve just read the speeches of the Presidential candidates on the Credit Crisis. I thought to help out those who don’t want to slog through the Orwellian tactics of our potential candidates, I would rephrase them here.

Keep in mind I am doing so with a mind altering temperature of 103. If I get it wrong I was, in fact, out of my mind at the time, senator.

McCain: Fuck ’em, Fuck ’em all. They should have figured it out before they took on the mortgages. Idiots. Those lenders were at fault and so were the homeowners and it’s not the Governments job to bail out either. Though, in a pinch we should help business over people because that’s what this country is made of, business not people.

Obama: Historically (and this man knows his American history ) we’ve already done this. See, we just need new plans for dealing with 21st century business, more regulation, more oversight. However, we don’t need to cap campaign contributions from these businesses. No, the government needs to work with business to ensure that business prospers in a kinder and gentler way. And people need to suck it up and deal with all the painful changes because America is a business, not a collection of people. Oh, and maybe we could propose some sort of legislation that teaches morons how to manage their mortgages properly. Maybe. I’m just sayin’.

Clinton: I told them years ago this would happen but did anyone listen to me? NO. Now look what’s happened. Well, I guess we can start cleaning up the mess and getting some sort of legislation into the works that makes sure this doesn’t happen again. Do I have to do everything around here?

See, each of the candidates has a grand vision pertaining to fixing the mess and who should be blamed. I noticed however, that they weren’t all that interested in mentioning the lobbyists who helped with the deregulation process. Ok, Obama mentioned it, but he sort of glossed it over. Each candidate doesn’t want to fix anything, they want to blame someone and then ride them around the town square before sentencing them to the stocks. We know this because while they mention the fact that low income homeowners were taken advantage of they lay a good portion of blame at the feet of the homeowners. Even though many of the mortgages were altered by the lenders to make the homeowners look better on paper than they really were. And then those falsified mortgages were sold in mass bundles to other lending companies.This practice created a waterfall of shitty paper that was actually worth nothing. Voila, Credit Crisis.

The lending institutions are the bad guys in this scenario. The hiding of large debt, the use of derivatives, the explosion of private equity that has almost no government oversight and continuing deregulation of vital industries has all contributed to this current mess that taxpayers have to pay for. At no point have I heard the regular Joe Shmo saying ‘Hey lets screw about with everything cause it looks good on paper” No, they just wanted what we’re constantly told everyone is entitled to here in America, a home of their own. Now, entire states have Homeless of their own.

Great job you greedy hope sucking bastards.

Oh and under no circumstances are you yabbos allowed to blame China. You did to yourselves, now fix it. The right way.


Carl Levin Is A Turncoat


I am ashamed of the Michigan Senator and would like to issue a blanket apology to all Americans for him. Carl Levin broke ranks and voted with Republicans to fund the war in Iraq without a timetable for withdrawal.

Aside from the horror of watching my state fall further and further behind in just about every category, now I have to apologize to everyone for living in one of the states that just handed King Bush another blank check to do as he pleases.

These constant freebies that the Senate hands out to a man who has no concept of what being the Head of State really means is not only hard to watch, but excruciating when we are forced to participate by the traitorous actions of our elected Senators.There is no explanation available that could possibly excuse Levin’s defection. First chance given I will vote to oust him as he has clearly lost the vision and hardheaded determination he has shown in the past.

Levin should be deeply ashamed of himself.

Nevermind, we’ll be ashamed for him. That’s how it works. Senators can do as they please but it’s the people who bear the burden of responsibility. We’re the ones who pay for their actions.

And right now it’s the soldiers who are going to pay for it by continuation of the War in Iraq.

I cannot fully express in words how much sorrow and embarrassment Senator Carl Levin has caused with his recent vote. Let’s just imagine a rude hand gesture and leave it at that.


Spanking The Wolverine


The Democratic National Party has decided to punish Michigan for holding early primaries.They have announced that the Michigan delegates to the party, all 156 of them , will not be invited to the convention.

I am thinking that this is a very dangerous move on the part of the DNC. Michigan is a state of poor, agitated people who like to fight. And drink whenever possible. Drinking and fighting, that’s us. Like a little oasis of Ireland right in the middle of the US. So deciding to give us a spank right before the primary is maybe not such a good idea.

For the most part Michigan is a blue state. We have Ann Arbor, a little mid-western Berkley, if you will. Lansing sings Republican but acts like a Democrat every chance it gets. However, we also have Detroit and the U.P. Every one of the northbound Yoopers is Republican. It’s very Old School once you pay the toll and motor into St. Ignace. They are the last of a dying breed of hard line Republicans who wish the government would curl up and die like an ant under a magnifying glass. Detroit, or at least the suburbs of Detroit, is full of people who have scammed their way to the top and have no problem letting the rest of the state slip into a sinkhole as long as it doesn’t effect their profits in any way.

That said, it really won’t take much to change the color of our state from true blue, to stop red. Pushing us in one direction may cause a backlash the DNC is unprepared for. The candidates who have refused to put their their names on the ballots will also feel the heat. This includes Obama and Edwards. They may be following their party’s rules but they will also be alienating voters.

They may think that it doesn’t matter, and for the primaries Michigan may not be a big contender like New Hampshire. However, after the Primaries comes the Election. If a candidate has alienated the Michigan voters, they just might be surprised to watch the state come up Red and their name fall to the bottom of the list.

We might have the reputation as a bunch of backwoods hunters with no finesse and a crap football team, but we also have long memories and the ability to hold a grudge like no other state. We live for spite. Spite is what keeps us warm in the winter when our heat has been shut off  due to our inability to pay the bill because the Auto plant we worked at for twenty years laid us off and revoked our pension.

So while the DNC might be blindly following the rules, they could have a big problem come election time.

Say What?


Today’s big long post is about magical realism vs. post modernism in new millennium film.

Just kidding.

Actually, it’s about how people use too many words to say nothing at all. I just finished reading a two page interview and when I finished, I had to go back and read it three more times. It occurred to me after I still didn’t understand what the hell was going on that, albeit, I may not be as smart as I’d like to think, I should have at least gotten a gist. Just a gist. But no. Then I realized that’s because the interviewee didn’t answer any of the interviewers questions. Not a one. And you’d think Obama would be just a little more articulate.

Now I understand why they call it spin. When you are finished listening to this garbage, you’re dizzy. And confused. And a bit pissed off.

Why does everything have to sound like a Fox newscast? Just because you have a dictionary, doesn’t mean you need to abuse it this way.

It not just political figures either. I eavesdrop all the time. And what I hear makes my internal English teacher cringe. The long winded explanations about why girl number one didn’t make it to girl number two’s party. Hey chickee, say it with flowers, would you. Because the verbal assault that is coming out of your mouth makes me want to tap dance on you. Ok, maybe not, but I usually have to move to some place quiet and rock back and forth for several minutes.

Shakespeare said that “Brevity is the soul of wit.” He should have said “Verbosity is the soul of twit”

Life is not MySpace. Stop treating every conversation like a social networking page. This means you, Hilary, Mitt, and Rudy. But most especially you Fred! Honestly, what the heck was that tirade all about anyway? Absolutely nothing, that’s what.

Sometimes, wait no, most of the time, the less countable words coming out of the mouth is better. Use precision and you won’t have to keep explaining yourself.

And OMG, textspeak is not language, it’s language reduced to the lowest common denominator.

I feel better.


A Post Secret Moment


I have a confession to make.

A deeply disturbing one.

I have accessed MySpace.

Yes, I was there and I wasn’t culling crap poetry for your entertainment and cringiness. My head is hung low with shame.

It’s not my fault. Sure I pushed the buttons but, I blame the Decemberists. That’s right, it’s all their fault. If they had just been a little more forthcoming about canceling their tour this fall then I wouldn’t have had to go to their MySpace page to see what’s up.

And holy moly am I sorry I went. I liked the tracks, but then people kept leaving these get well soon cards and geh! If people would just put them in iambic pentameter I could post them as another MyCrapPoetry moment but no. And the whiners. So many complaints about getting refunded, you’d think it was a GOP convention.

I say if you are sick enough to cancel a tour, stay home. No one wants to see a pasty wheezing musician who can barley stand up. Or a pasty wheezing musician sitting in a chair with their instrument tied to their hands, trying to look happy while concentrating on not falling over. That’s what we have Keith Richards for.
So I promise never to go back to MySpace without the sole intention of finding bad poets to lampoon.

Forgive me for I know not what the Decemberists are doing but I hope they get over it soon.


Oh and BTW if anyone knows the Decemberists send them a message would you, please. Ask them to put The Tain on their site cause I can’t access it anywhere else and my daughter won’t send it to me. And sure if she doesn’t have it on her iPod. Stingy college students.