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Coraline Contest


Because I love the way my stats spike whenever I mention Neil Gaiman, I thought I would bring yet another Gaiman contest to your attention.

Go hereĀ  to try for a chance at visiting the Coraline shoot.

One note, if you don’t know the answer to the two questions you are an idiot and have no business being anywhere near Neil Gaiman or any other living, breathing person.

I’m just sayin’.


Death and The Graveyard


So, being a Gaiman fan of potentially embarrassing proportions for my age I am always at his blog. I love this blog. It’s, like Neil, not like other writer’s blogs. Do you think Chabon would post a picture of himself after being walloped by a PVC pipe? No, no he wouldn’t. Gaiman talks about his books and the books of others and offers praise and advice to random posters. (People who post, not flat wall objects, that would be strange). It’s a lot like having a one sided conversation with a friend.

After that long rambling introduction I’d like to point out that here in the U.S. you can win a proof copy of The Graveyard Book here. All you have to do is compose famous last words for three characters: A famous living character, someone who dies stupidly, and yourself.

So gather up all of your creative energies and enter. Aside from the great prize, what could be more fun than to spend an afternoon thinking up death quotes ?

Have fun!


And Now For Something A Little Different


I found this article by Michael Chabon in the L.A. Times. Well, found is a little misleading. I stole it from Neil Gaiman’s blog.

The article, which is an excerpt from one of Chabon’s books, is a quixotic look at the nature of entertainment. Particularly in relation to books.

I urge you to read the article not only because it is well written but because it gives one something to think about other than the grocery list of horrors the media serves on a daily basis.

Happy reading.