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Failed, Again


So what happened to the Nanowrimo this year? I know you are wondering. In fact I am wondering as well. I had a technical difficulty. Yeah, that’s it. My headphones were broken. Sounds stupid I know but there it is. I topped out my word count at about 22,000 before the inevitable sobbing fit.

See I can’t write while listening to the sound of Glee and my family shouting at the T.V. It tends to make the prose derail. It looks something like this:

“Patsy wandered into the game room to find the other fighters poised with their Kurt did what to that other character whose name I can’t remember? Wait what? Is that supposed to be a Queen song?  Why does it sound like a gang of  melting harpies? ”

After about six hours of fighting against the futility of  trying to ignore  the life around me I gave up. The irony is, I received new headphones for Christmas. Christmas. 25 days after I needed them. Or 330 days before I’ll need them again.

Next year, I will build myself a sound proof room. With a giant musical lock.

Fine,  but I am striving to save enough to buy a decent laptop so if I get annoyed by the sound of real life as opposed to the fictional life I prefer I can go elsewhere.

(Will accept donations. )

Just kidding.

(No, seriously.)

No, not really.

(Don’t listen to her, she’s not awake. Send money.)

Hey shut up.

Looks like my Id is trying to escape. This is what happens when a writer can’t write.

Very sad.


Can You Nanowrimo?


So it’s that time of year again. In two and a half weeks the noveling monkey will be jumping on the backs of fools everywhere. Are you up for the challenge?

Let me say that in all the time I have been doing this I HAVE NEVER WON. Not even once. Last year I came close but then “Life”, that little bastard, got in the way and I dropped out at 30,000 words. Sigh.

Always the glutton for punishment, I am back in the ring this year. I have no story, no plot, no characters, nothing. I like an impossibility, don’t you?

So if you don’t have plans for November, why not jump into the pool of crazies and try to write 50,000 words in thirty days. You just might surprise yourself.

I always do.


PS. Will be listing embarrassing word count in the sidebar. Come to mock.



I have had WAAAAAAYYYYY too much coffee! All of my sentences will now end in exclamation points! Yeah! Exclamation Points!

See, I signed up for National Novel Writers Month, more affectionately known as Nanowrimo (nah-no-wry-mo). A self torturing website in which one attempts to write 50,000 words (sob) in 30 days(wail). I’ve been up trying to nail down a plot structure before the actual writing starts tonight at midnight. I must say that it has been an outlining disaster so far. Characters and settings scattered everywhere, and I won’t even get in to what seems to be happening with Tone. Feckin’ Tone, never where you put it, that’s all I’m gonna say.

I will still be blogging during November, so don’t give up on me, yet. Also if you’ve just arrived from the outer stratosphere, I will be giving up one precious evening of Nanowrimo (that’s 1667 words I won’t be writing out of my commitment to the blog o’ sphere. I know, can’t you just feel the love radiating through your computer.) to Live Blog the election with grace and satire. Or graceless satire, which ever comes up first. I’m already plumping up my arsenal of Socialist jokes. I’ve got slings and arrows. I just need the feathers to go with my tar.

To tide you over here’s a little Marxist Joke:

Why doesn’t Karl Marx drink regular Tea?

Because Proper Tea is theft.

(I said it was little.)

Oh and here’s one  all the kids are telling for Halloween (brace yourself)

What kind of tests do vampires take?

Blood tests. (*shakes head* I’ve had to act surprised at the ending over fifty time so far)

Have a Happy Halloween!