Beef For Sale


If you are such a complete puss that you can’t tell someone off without help then these ladies might be for you.

Of course, keep in mind that libel and slander are still illegal.

I do love how Americans just keep sliding on down the intelligence scale. If we, as a nation, took the Stanford-Binet, I don’t think we’d rate above 100.



4 responses to this post.

  1. Stupid, yes, but also sort of funny in a way. I wonder what they they pay for liability insurance . . . well, at least I sure hope they have liability insurance!

  2. According to the article, they infer that they don’t have any type of insurance. They seem to think that it’s okay to humiliate people and that no consequence will arise form their actions. I actually don’t find this kind of thing amusing. When I make fun of people it’s always intended to be satiric or sly. As much as I hate Glenn Beck’s attitude and may ridicule him for it, I do recognize his right to have it. These chicks just take one person’s word and then make up flyers. Seems like any minute they are going to find themselves in a lot of hot water. And the people who buy into the theory that this is okay are the ones I am most appalled by.

  3. I agree, they are likely to find themselves in very hot water one day, either legally or because they pushed someone who was already unbalanced, too far.

    I also agree that it is not okay to humiliate people, but in the case where you have businesses that rip off their customers, now that I can get behind!

    And while I don’t condone the actions, I do sort of understand it. The person who hires them probably also feels like they were humiliated. Unfortunately, what they will ultimately learn is that such revenge offers little satisfaction.

    The best revenge will always be . . . living well.

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