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Oh, Shut Up Already


It’s easy to say stop, quit it and knock it off.

The Big three want money to continue the auto industry. After not giving a rat ass about banks that had lavish parties after being bailed out everyone is up in arms about Auto makers flying private jets.

Who gives a shit.

Over four million people in Michigan will lose their jobs in those three go under or declare bankruptcy.
I guess if you don’t live in Michigan it doesn’t matter.

If you do, realizing the auto industry is one of the only things propping our strained economy up then, it does matter.

The biggest thing that grinds my dog biscuit is this: These are the same people who had no problem handing money to banks and then saying “Oh let’s just fix the problem we don’t need scapegoat.”

So what Michigan gets to be the scapegoat for the entire country and their bad business practices? Not to mention they complain about how much employees make but these are the same people who take home 6-7 figure incomes. Talk about your hypocrites.


America Loves Sarah Palin


Even though the Republican Party has all but dumped her lifeless body by the side of the road, the Palin love affair goes on in the blog o sphere.

After a word war between aides and Palin, in which McCain’s opinion has been strangely absent, the Liberal bloggers are having a field day ripping at the carcass. Let’s face it, they were ripping into her long before the election results. SNL made a startling comeback using her as the prop. And she seemed unaware that they were making fun of her. Which makes it that much more amusing.

Those who are championing her attempted bid for the White House in 2012 should probably take a step back and really look at the current political climate. No, no, a realistic look. Having endured eight self imposed years of overzealous religion and poor policy production, America is not about to allow a woman who thinks GOD makes or breaks the Presidency of the United States to hold any kind of power. If God wanted Palin in the White House we wouldn’t be entertained by Obama’s children trying to pick out The First Dog. (Which I hope turns out to be an Alaskan Malamute.)

Palin is a national joke. She has become the symbol for everything ordinary Americans have turned their back on. Republicans are trying to forget about her and are blaming losing the Presidency on her. In fact, they should be blaming the current President whose reign over America has produced some of the worst national totals across the board and alienated entire regions of the world.

Republicans lost their seats and their stranglehold on America because this is no longer the same country as it was in the 1950’s. Saying something is true doesn’t make it so. Spying on law abiding citizens and presenting them with a bogus letter of detention is no longer tolerated. If the Republican party really wanted to retain their power they should have made more of an effort to curtail the Bush administration rather than bowing before it.

Blaming Palin might help them feel better than admitting that at some point they went too far. They have no one to blame but themselves. Of course it’s easier to point at others, which is another reason they no longer hold power here. They have no sense of accountability. Or shame.



Congratulations to Obama. A fantastic fight. A true Presidential Smackdown.

All kidding aside. Regardless who you voted for this has been an amazing race. For the first time in a very long time I got a chance to watch people stand up and say something about the direction this country needs to go in. As a country we stood together, albeit sometimes on opposite sides, and made ourselves heard. . Whether you voted for McCain or Obama at least you took part. An 80% voter turnout is in itself historical. Thank you to everyone who took the time to stand in long lines and exercise their right to choose.

Best of luck to the Candidates.

Now go party


Barak Obama wins the Us Presidential Election McCain is Down.

We are on a break with NBC but with new states posting in the next hour I am willing to bet Obama pulls it out. The popular vote is close, Obama at 51% and McCain at 48%.

Let’s take a brief look at the two party’s parties. I think it says everything. McCAin is holed up in a fancy place that is invitation only. Obama is throwing a public party in the middle of Chicago. You tell me where you’d rather be.

Nebraska for McCain. a punch.  a definite punch.

Sorry about the break folks, I have the world crankiest computer.

Not to worry I gave it a cookie and now it’s happy.

Back to the Smackdown.

I never knew how many words a person could use to say the same things over and over.

Is Montana a seriously important state. It’s got 3 votes. 3. I’m thinking 3 isn’t going to tip it either way.

Dems 7, 2 to go.

Who is this guy? Man he can talk.