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That’s Not Racism, It’s Just Stupid


So Bill O’Reilly is a twit. I’ve mentioned his ignorance factor before. It’s not his fault really he just says whatever comes into his empty head.

What surprises me is the amount of people who are defending him. Are you kidding me? This is what is known as the Dumbing Down of America. It postulates that community leaders can just say whatever they like and then let the media decided what was meant. The only person who needs to explain the ideas behind the comments is O’Reilly himself. And given the opportunity to do so, he made it worse not better.

I don’t think this is a racial matter so much as a generational one. Try as he might Billy boy seems to have a very hard time letting go of the fifties mentality. This is not the first time he’s said something off putting.What about his comment regarding those left behind in New Orleans after Katrina? Dost mine ears deceive me or did he insinuate that everyone still in the city were drug addicts? He does it repeatedly. There is no defense for continued ignorance. He could educate himself and get with the times but, no. That doesn’t make good T.V.

His comments about the patrons at Sylvia’s just underlines the fact that he hasn’t got an intelligent bone in his overfed body. It’s a restaurant. A public place where people go to eat and converse. What did he really expect? Honestly.

He doesn’t need to be defended. I think as a country we should all just stipulate that Bill O’Reilly is an old timey moron with no hope of joining in the culture of the twenty first century in his lifetime and leave it at that.

As freethinkers we are free to choose our entertainment. I choose not to watch O’Reilly rip people to shreds with half truths and outright lies or wake up from a thirty year racial coma. That’s his problem.


Blackwater and The Profiteers



In all of the conflicting reports surrounding the Blackwater shooting of Iraqi civilians another fact has been overlooked.

The U.S. State department, on September 27, awarded Blackwater another contract.

Presidential Airways, Inc., an aviation Worldwide Services company (d/b/a Blackwater Aviation), Moyock, N.C., is being awarded an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) type contract for $92,000,000.00. The contractor is to provide all fixed-wing aircraft, personnel, equipment, tools, material, maintenance and supervision necessary to perform passenger, cargo and combi Short Take-Off and Landing air transportation services between locations in the Area of Responsibility of Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. This contract was competitively procured and two timely offers were received. The performance period is from 1 October 2007 to 30 September 2011. The United States Transportation Command Acquisition Directorate, Scott Air Force Base, Ill., is the contracting activity (HTC7 11 -08-D-0010).

So for shooting and killing and wounding the very people we are trying to ‘liberate’ the government has decided that this company should be rewarded for its efforts.

And the profiteering goes on…..

For a list of those companies that are receiving Government contracts in Iraq go here

Keep in mind these are the people who are using your tax dollars to promote death and destruction.

God Bless American Business Interests.


When Bad Writers Go Glamour


I have a terrible confession to make.

I read a Glamour magazine.

It’s not my fault! My daughter’s subscription keeps coming to the ‘House and while I was waiting for a computer to take me off hold and give me to a real person, I peeked. I’ve never actually read one of these magazines before and all I can say is; What a glitzy waste of a tree. Most of the articles were trash. But none so poorly written and trashy as the one written by Jessica Coen.

You remember Jessica Coen don’t you ? She used to be one of Gawkers’ bashers. Now using her limited writing skills, she writes for upscale trash rather than online trash. Her article is called “Online Bullies Back Off” A two page doozy in which she spends one and a half pages whining about how poorly she was treated while she spread malicious gossip. Imagine how hurt and surprised she was.


What makes me emit a low, perhaps deadly, growl is that in said article she makes an allusion to Kathy Sierra. As though she and Kathy shared the same fate. Which, I suppose, they did. The difference being, Ms. Sierra is a dignified tech writer who primarily offers advice and information. Whilst Jesse just said whatever came into her bubble head without any regard for the consequences. Big difference. Little Coen can’t seriously see her self as someone who is maligned without any reason. But she does. Oh boo f’n hoo.You get what you pay for, sister.

Jessica Coen wants sympathy for BEING an online bully. And frankly I think we should give her sympathy. For being a crap writer. With skills that poor she should receive lots of advice and support from writing instructors around the world.


Parlez Vous?


As someone who hopes to be a competent interpreter at some point, most hopefully before I die, I am always puzzled by the interpreters I see at Presidential news conferences. Particularly when you know the person using the interpreter probably speaks better English than our President. Like Sarkozy. Or Ahamumblemumble. Or Chavez. You know they can speak English, so what’s with the interpreters?

I thinks it’s a relative f-you. And I suspect they are not really saying what the interpreter says out loud. I think he’s cleaning it up. So things like “Vous etes un putain”, becomes “I like your country very much”. Yeah, I don’t trust a person who speaks the visiting countries language but pays some guy to follow him around and act like everything is so new and puzzling.

This principle doesn’t work in reverse, unfortunately. Bush speaks two languages: Money and Power. Everything else is a crap shoot. This is why when he visits other heads of state they very politely speak English. They know we voted in a guy who has no communication skills. That’s why when you look at the video of Bush in another country they are speaking in short, concise, sentences. Just so he fully understands everything that’s being said. I think he should hire his own interpreter. The interpreter could translate everything into Hick for him and make foreign relations that much easier. Sentences like “Thank you for coming to our country. We are happy to host you.” could become “Hi Y’all. Shore is mighty nice of y’all to come on out” Even if the French interpreter for the French news is actually translating that into ” Foutrez vous, cachon Americain!”

Of course I joke. Kind of.


* Any resemblance to any dialect is purely coincidental and not intended to poke fun at anyone but the President of the United States.

* I don’t spell any better in French than I do in English. I am globally spelling challenged, you ought to see my fingerspelling. Oi!

Columbia, We Have Rip Off


Well have I been absent or what? Geez. With so much going on I should be here everyday spilling my vitriol all over the net. Alas, those pesky students gave me the Bird Flu. I was flapping and squawking for days. The Horror, the Horror.

So Iran’s President Mohamoud Ahmamumblemumble at Columbia University. I don’t understand. They spy on their own citizens and tag everyone who has something naughty to say about Bush, but it’s okay for the head of a country once referred to as the Axis of Evil to talk to our impressionable young people? Mer?

I am all for free speech. Obviously. However this one just has me puzzled. Like when you try to read the clues to the New York Times Sunday Edition. You know it’s English, but it looks funny. I don’t think this is about free speech and if it is, it looks weird.

Why Colombia would issue such an invitation is beyond me. And they did it twice. The first time he turned them down. What does he have to say that Columbia deems so important? “Death to all Americans” which is what most of his speeches in his own country boil down to. I suspect they keep doing it to show Bush that they are on the edge of world politics. That they know whats going on. Or maybe just to piss him off. Who knows. I think it was a pretty silly thing to do. Allowing a man who engenders a continuous message of hate and repression to talk to students is well, let me put it this way: When was the last time Charles Manson was invited to speak at a university? Right.

Oh and did you know that Ireland has Ploughing Championships. Yeah me neither, but I think we should adopt that idea as soon as possible.

Dogwoman ( Flap, squawk)

Random Poll Pt. 3


Yet another Random Poll Day!

And come on the other five of you, don’t just let Anotheca do all the answering. Chime in. And this is a two part question.

What does “dignity” mean to you personally ? Is it possible to regain it once it’s been lost?


Or So I Thought


So I thought Substitute Teaching was the way to go as I am in school. I could utilize my aforementioned talents as a teacher while attending class. Seemed like a good plan.

Until they asked me to teach Kindergarten.

Students: 1. Teacher:0

I went home with glue in my hair and a new appreciation for Kindergarten teachers.

Kindergartners are savages with art supplies and questions. And they will maim you with these weapons given the chance. I’d rather teach lions to dance than ever go back to a Kindergarten class.

If you teach little ones I applaud you.